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CXNX: Top 100 Songs of 2017

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It's my favorite labor of love! The Top 100 of 2017 is now in its 8th year and it features some exciting new-comers, stall-worth favorites, and genre-bending trailblazers. Every year I comb every blog, magazine, and Spotify playlist to find - what I consider - my favorites.

The playlist itself is below. If you don't have Spotify, you are dumb and don't deserve good music.

If you're still reading passed this ... Hi! I'm going to explain my process and share my absolute favorites for this year.

I listen to a lot of music at work. I dig through it rather quickly as I know very soon into a song whether I am going to like it or not. 

4,120 songs I've blasted through this year all with the intention of making this list. 

Some things I've noticed form this year. One notably is that hip-hop has really been reeling as of late. No one is stepping up with innovative or boundary pushing material. Yes, I've tried to get into Lil' Uzi Vert but - no dice. 

I can say the same about EDM blending into pop and vice-versa. Artists like DJ Snake, Yellow Claw, and Marshmallow have evolved their style into a festival pleasing pop soundscape. It's good for them but just not for me. 

2017 also unearthed some 90's favorites in Perfect Circle, Nine Inch Nails, Marilyn Manson, The Smiths, Depeche Mode, and Beck all with respectable releases. 

My musical taste evolve slightly every year and I think this list reflects that. 

Below are my Top 10 of 2017 (in no order):

Perfume Genius - Slip Away - This song hit me hard. It instantly reminded me of Neon Bible Era Arcade Fire as the presence and sound of this song is so massive. The song dips in and out of minimalistic crooning to massive ballroom-thumping orchestrals. This message is timeless, love is love jabronis.

The Killers - The Man - The second I heard this song, I was so excited that The Killers were back after a few flubs with putting out new singles. A tongue-in-cheek song about masculinity I can actually close my eyes and see Ric Flair strutting down the aisle to this song. Flower's voice is such a delightful contrast to the song's message as the chorus is so easy to sing to.

HMLTD - To The Door - My favorite new band of 2017 by a large margin. They mix every influence they've ever had and use them all at once. To the door is an EDM, spaghetti western, dance-punk, ???, ???, and ??? journey into this genre fluid band that hasn't even released an EP yet!

Gorillaz - Momentz - A crown jewel to an exceptional album. Gorillaz never do anything half-assed as they retain a signature sound while simultaneously innovate and push creativity as far as they can go. I absolutely love the hard-style break down over DeLaSoul's smooth flawless ryhmes.

The National - Guilty Party - Doesn't everyone crave honest and open communication? This song is one of the most honest break-up songs I've ever heard. A blameless separation might seem impossible but if it was to ever happen The National has it figured out.

Run The Jewels - Mean Demeanor - At this point I feel I could throw a dart on a board filled with RTJ songs and not pick a bad one. Masterful crafting clever rhymes through driving EL-P beats, RTJ consistently puts out unreal music. Right now there is no one even close to them in the hip-hop arena.

Swet Shop Boys - Sufi La - I don't think my love for them derives from the ashes of the now defunct Taco Bell/Pizza Hut loving Das Racist but I really don't care. The Bollywood flair to incredibly tight flow really makes this song an incredible banger.

Trudy and the Romance - Sandman - Another wonderful genre-less band who describe themselves an Junk Yard Surf Punk. There isn't much not to love about this band who is driven by the lead singer with almost painful impassioned crooning.

HEALTH - Euphoria - HEALTH is one of my favorite bands on the planet. In what I can only describe as shoe-gaze industrial, dream-noise, or industrial-chill HEALTH doesn't just play music they fire it out of a cannon aimed at your face.

Queens of the Stone Age - The Way You Used To - Always a semi-annual favorite, when QOTSA puts out a song it's always catchy, and incredible.

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