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Xmas Jamz - Fleet Foxes/Lexi Clemente: White Winter Hymnal

9:11:00 AMPaul

In 2009 I stumbled upon the band Fleet Foxes and was immediately enamored by their beautiful harmonies, thoughtful lyrics, and an innovative sound that was new to me but - somehow - inherently familiar. I played their album in the car so much that my kids ended up loving them too, often singing along to the desperate soulful crooning of Robin Pecknold.

I've been hearing the track "White Winter Hymnal" lauded as a X-mas song and embarrassingly I never made the connection until now.  The song itself is just "it’s lyrically fairly meaningless I guess but it’s not really meant to mean something" according to Pecknold. The velvety harmonies and vivid short story they tell weaves together such a nice, simple song.

What makes this even better is that my daughter Lexi  learned the lyrics and wanted to sing it for me. She is/was and might always will be shy so her doing this was/is pretty special. If you want to hear the original, figure it out you're an adult!

Listen to the end for a surprise ending!

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