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Le Trials and Tribulations of @Kris58Letang - Le Game des All Star fan vote.

4:23:00 PMRyan Noble

Allo my friend. It is your favourite hockey players Tanger here and I would like to thanks you for all the tres great comments on my last posts. The switch from PenisInitiative to Construk Nunchux was a scary one but all the peoples really made me feel good and from the bottom of my hearts, tres thank!

Sadly beyond this there is little joys for me. I am not one to be dramatics but this might be one of the worst time of my lifes.

Before I get into this I must say that you are like one of the top sport fans across the major sports league. You are for sure better than curlings fan, they are mostly asshole.. But NHL fans are pretty good usually but sometime you guy can be really mean. Please know that I do loves you but..

You are mean. The NHL has held the All Star games for almost ever and it is a serious game. This is a chance for the best player in the world to get together, play hockey and not really take the game seriously because it means nothing at all but you know, play hockey. And only the best player should play and that has always been how it has handles.

But lately the NHL love letting fan vote and I would love to feel like this is good, I really would. Sadly though, I come on Twitters to see what the fan are saying and I see mostly players who might not be considered "All Star" calibers, ya know? And why are you doings this? Is it to be mean? Is it to flex your Internets muscles and shows how much throw you have getting lots of vote for player that are not good? This is how guy like Foligno make the game and that was really uncomfortable to watch.

Anyways, I was so sad and I didn't know what to do so I decided I would call my best friend, Marc Andre. He answered and said hello and I said "HELLO MARC ANDRE!" and he said "Hi."

I told him about the fans on the internet and how they are voting for bad player and how I wanted to do somethings but obviously can't. I asked him what he thought I should do and he started laughing and said "Tanger you are so stupid and I think your refrigerator is running."

I got so angrys and I said "You are stupid, screw you Marc Andre!" and I slammed the phones down. I don't think it needs to be saids that Marc is a HUGE curlings fan.

Before I go to check if my fridge is running and respond to Marc Andre I will just handle this the ways anyones should. I will not be mean and I will votes for who I believe is the best players. In facts, I will go one steps farther. I will endorse the player who I feel is the best for your Metro Division vote. Don't be the assholes who are voting for poops players but stand up and do what is right.

Votes for the All Star who best represents what that game means and that vote should be for Rob Scuderi! You know he has cups, right?!

Anyway, I will go check my fridges. Good bye!


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