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Shit Japants 1 - Drinking Boys!

2:00:00 PMPaul

After years of rocking out with his metal band Kishidan, DJ Ozma came out of nowhere by performing at the 57th KĊhaku which is like Japan's Grammy's but with voting in a four hour New Year's Eve spectacular. Ozma claimed to have something special planned for the event while performing his his 2006 hit "Age Age Every Knight". That something special included about a hundred people on stage in a choreographed dance, magic, people flying on stage, and women in flesh colored jump leotards with boobs drawn on them. At the end of the show the women took off their pants and had some kind of mushroom/wang pasted over their naughty bits.

This caused all kinds of controversy since this program drew just under 40 million viewers and got 1796 complaints in an hour out indecency. No press is bad press right? Ozma's career went on for 3 more years cranking out covers of J-Pop and K-Pop hits.

Then he retired from being DJ OZMA to be a 16 year old girl character in a band called Yazima Beauty School. He was "revived" in 2011 to promote a concert that pitted his two bands against each other Kishidan vs. OZMA (who he denied they were the same person).

This sums up this man's outstanding body of work that includes, heavy metal, cross dressing, deception, and mind-bending videos. One of his most profound masterpieces is Drinking Boys which is a cover of New ROTEeKA's punk song. The stunning precision galvanized with the majesty of OZMA's dance ingenuity creates this video straight from the vision of our Lord to our consciousness. Can you spot any slips? I'm not telling if we did.

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