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Penguins GM @Evil_Shero's Rant Caught on Tape by @ryannoble66

10:16:00 AMRyan Noble

(@Evil_Shero and his girlfriend Fay Kinnitt, Courtesy of the Internet)

This week Construx Nunchux got word of a tape of a conversation between NHL GM @Evil_Shero and his girlfriend Fay Kinnitt. The conversation was pretty disturbing.

We are unable to share the audio right now because the NHL has it and won’t release it to the media until they decide how to handle it for legal purposes.

The breakdown of the audio was basically @Evil_Shero talking to his 26 year old girlfriend Fay about a recent incident on her Instagram page. 

“I don’t see why you need to promote yourself hanging out with them” @Evil_Shero said to his girlfriend. He continued to say “We live in a country filled with people. Go outside, they are everywhere! Yet you decide to embarrass me and associate with them”
By “them” he meant Canadians. His girlfriend the night before uploaded a picture on her Instagram of her with a friend from Windsor, Ontario. (That is in Canada for those who don't follow Canadian Geography)

According to the audio recording, this is not the first time she has done this. “I don’t know why you insist on doing this to me. Do you know how it makes me look?”

The incident he is referring to took place 2 weeks earlier when Fay Kinnitt uploaded a picture of herself with Pittsburgh Penguins defenseman @kris58letang

(Instagram picture of Fay and Letang.. Courtesy of the Internet)

“We are friends that is all” she said to Shero. He replied by telling her “I don’t care if you hang out with them… You can do what you want with them. Hell, make little Canadian babies if you gotta! I just don’t see why you need to promote it… Why you need to bring them to the games. Hockey is no place for Canadians!”

A couple weeks before the NHL playoffs Fay brought a couple of her friends to a Penguins game. Yep, they were all Canadian.. Some were even French Canadian which really upset the Penguins GM. 

During the 10 phone (4 minutes of it was awkward phone sex that ended with Shero crying about his mother not hugging him enough) call Fay Kinnitt admitted to being half Canadian which didn't seem to bother @Evil_Shero. “I am not mad” he said. He followed by saying. “It is the world. I don’t want you to get an operation to make you not half Canadian, just don’t tell people. Canada is bad for business. Especially in a league like the NHL”

We went to Fay Kinnitt’s Instagram and it seems this isn't the first time she has posted pictures of her with Canadian hockey players. She seems to just find ways to associate with Canadians who as you know are not easy to find in the NHL. 

(Since the article was started she has removed the other pictures of her with Canadians.) 

As days go by and details come out we will be sure to keep you posted as the story progresses.


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