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Ryan's favorite tracks of 2013 #CXNX

11:00:00 AMRyan Noble

This is my second "Top Tracks of the Year" for Construx Nunchux. Instead of making a big list or a top ten list I figured I would compile a huge list of all the songs I was into this year and break it down to be as small as possible. Enjoy.. Or hate.. Whatev.

These tracks are in no order so..
If you have any questions about any tracks or artists or suggested other tracks from these artists find me on Twitter. @ryannoble66

The Jokerr - "Till I Fall" (Feat. Masetti and Dubbs) 

I was convinced I was obligated to dislike this dude because DZK isn't a fan. I ended up giving the guy a listen and realized he was pretty good. Though he has a dis track for almost every hip hop artist I like (including DZK and Tech N9NE who is also on this list) The dude is a solid rapper. Incredible timing and does his own production. He also does other genres other than hip-hop. This song is very different from the rest of his catalog. I like it so.. Also, Jokerr is the one dressed as grapes.. Seriously, his part makes the track, the other dudes are just his place holders.

Suicidal Tendencies - Smash it

Yeah, they are still around.. Get over it. Who knew that I would be 30 and still into Suicidal Tendencies. I grew up and got into music because of thrash metal. And though these guys were never Metallica, Slayer or even Pantera who I loved, I always liked their music. I recently listened to this entire album and I actually really liked it. They have managed to keep their old sound which is not easy for many musicians, even though Dave Mustaine would like you to think it is a cake walk for him.. 

Buckethead - Track 7

If you don't know who this dude is, he is a guitarist. Probably a lot more talented than whoever you claim is the best guitarist ever. Thats okay, your opinion isn't wrong, it is just a little off. THATS TOTALLY COOL! This dude is pretty awesome. He released probably 1 million albums this year of just instrumentals. When I first heard this one I thought of WCW's The Four Horsemen entrance theme. Tip for aspiring musicians: Make music that resemble that of old wrestlers and I will probably like it. 

Daft Punk - Get Lucky

No doubt this track makes Paul's much more impressive top 100 list.. 0 fucks. This song is sooooo good. I don't get eaten alive by overplayed songs on the radio because I don't listen to the radio. The first time I heard this song and I think I made it thru maybe half the track before I had my guitar and was figuring out how to play it. So good! 

Classified - Inner Ninja and Wicked

I almost said fuck it and put this entire album on... So many good tracks. By far my album of the year. Is it very Canadian? Yes.. Positive rap isn't common it seems because nobody wants it. Classified has been one of my favs for years. Here are 2 tracks from the album that I love. Great album

Inner Ninja


Protest the Hero - Underbite

Before these guys got on a record label I used to see them all the time because they played a lot of shows close to where I grew up. It was when Metal was in the "Nu" phase and complexity in music was dying out. These guys were unlike a lot of the new stuff that was coming out at the time. Meeting them several times they were also pretty solid guys. #MoreCanada

K-OS- The Dog is Mine

Because #Anada... I love me some K-OS. This isn't his best track ever but it is a really good one. I love this dude. If you are not familiar with him you might want to make yourself familiar. Always catchy tunes. This dude has a ton of talent. 

Tech n9ne (featuring Serj Tankian) - Straight out the Gate

Paul actually got me into this guy. I am a sucker for dudes who can rap fast. Not sure why. Ever since I was young, even when I only listened to metal. I love this track and you can add Serj from System of a Down to anything and I will love it. 

Hayden - Oh Memory

Another Canadian addition to the list. I have been a fan of this guy for years. Great music. That is all... So much solid music from this guy. 

Eminem - Rap God

This is a tough one for me. Before you all show up at my door with torches and pitch forks, I have been open that I don't love Eminem. I don't dislike him as much as I just feel he is over credited. He is a good rapper, I just don't think he is "the best" or even up there. THAT IS JUST MY OPINION!! 

That being said, Rap God is unhuman. What a solid track. You can't over look quality and Eminem killed it on this track. Truly sounds like a monster. 

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