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RYANNIVERSARY (2/2) @ryannoble66

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This is part two of my Anniversary with the site post. If you missed the first post, it can be seen here..
RYANNIVERSARY (1/2) @ryannoble66

5. Newfie Shot

Possibly my most watched post on the site, this is the Newfie shot. I am not sure what can be said for this. Outside doing the shot itself, this was fun because it was just me hanging out with friends. This post was done because somehow on twitter the Newfie Shot came up, people wanted to know what it was and obviously I had to show them.. The best thing that came from this was Paul and Ian eventually did one with me in honour of our good friend, Paul Laus.

4. A special message from Ryan Noble

 This was the first of (too) many videos of me quitting the site. Was it real? Ask the person in the comment section. This was fun because it was stupid and something that went on for a while. These videos were the first project that carried on for a while with all of us that was my idea. Sure, we may have not been honest but I don't think anyone should have taken these videos serious.. Though, thank you for believing us!

3. Lobster Lobby 18: Return of Ryan

Before I joined the site, I was a fan. The first thing that got me into the site was Lobster Lobby. And when we started working on the second season I was lucky enough to do a couple episodes as host. This was the second one that I did. Though, I could never be as good as Ian I am happy with how my episodes turned out. We had a lot of fun with these and put a lot of work into them as a team.

2. This is a @DZK

Maybe not my most entertaining post because not everyone knows who DZK is, but getting the chance to interview DZK is by far one of the coolest things that I have ever had the chance to do... If you want to learn more about DZK, there are links on where you can find his music for free. He was a great guy.

1. I Alone

What you have all been waiting for, my favourite post in the past year that I have done. This was a tough decision when looking at the body of work that I have done over the past year so it came down to what did I enjoy doing the most. I Alone was a simple PH and J nightmare video that ended up being so much fun to do. I got the chance to have my girlfriend Christine work with me (and not judge me, how lucky am I), I got to almost masturbate online and reached a point where I felt that my editing had finally improved. This not only was a lot of fun, but got a great response online and even helped me make new friends (You freaks)

(Pop Up CX Video fact)
The night before this video was posted it was completed, but with different music. Originally, this video had a song by Muse called Panic Station. It fit so well however when I woke up expecting to see the video posted, I had been notified that I broke the rules of youtube and broke my first copyright. (Still YouTube holds this against my account) I had to rush to pick a new song and edit it into the video. Luckily, I had this song that I wrote and recorded years earlier that worked perfectly!

Thank you all for supporting me on the site.. This past year has been awesome. What do you think of this list? Did I miss anything? What would you have added? Share with us in to comments or at us @construxnunchux on twitter or myself @ryannoble66.

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