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May 30th marks the one year anniversary of me being a part of this site. Before I get all narcissistic I would like to thank Paul and Ian for letting me not only be a part of this site, butt allowing me to do whatever I want and be able to contribute to such a unique and HILARIOUS blog. Thank you both.

Now, I would like to take a look back at the last year of me contributing to the site.  It doesn't seem like a year ago that I interviewed Rock and Roll before officially being a part of the site. Since then I have created a cat war, quit the site, shared an ass load of music, quit a few more times, shared nostalgic stories and had some pretty scary dreams about peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. I have tried to make a top 10 list of my favourite posts that I have done in the past year.

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10. The Cat War - Kid Rock on the Run. 

One of many Cat War posts. I like this one because it is simple, has adorable cat pictures and pins something ridiculous on Kid Rock (I hate that guy). When I first started with the site I didn't even understand what Photoshop was and in the past year feel I am pretty decent at it, and the site is why. I can thank Paul for helping me with that.


On the second anniversary of the site, along with many other people I took the time to make a video thanking Construx Nunchux for its excellence. I enjoy this one because it is again very simple and was not scripted at all (Like a lot of my videos) It was fun, though I was with the site for a while when this was fun, it was fun to honour the site as a fan. Also being included with Sean Burns, who was my childhood best friend.


This video made no sense whatsoever. It was a lot of fun, and surprisingly one of the hardest things that I have filmed for the site because I scripted it. I enjoyed this because it gave me a chance to bump WM3 (Possibly my favourite CXNX thing ever done). This was done the day before it was released. Ian and I decided we wanted one last video to promote the release of WM3. I originally wanted to make it like Tales from the Crypt, but time limitations made it easier to do a Alfred Hitchcock style video instead.

7. The Perfect Shot 

Another thing that I had no experience with before joining the site was editing videos. This was more so an attempts at trying to get experience with it. It was done on the anniversary of WWF superstar Mr. Perfects passing. I thought I could pay tribute to one of my favourite wrestlers as well as work on my video editing skills. Though this is incredibly choppy and VERY rough, it is still one of my favourite videos I have made.

6. Construx Indux 2012: Owen Hart

This was what I felt was my first big decision for the site. When Ian and Paul were working on the 2012 HOF induction they asked me who I would like to induct. I suggested Owen Hart and they were not only supportive of the idea but asked me to do a write up about Owen. I tried to avoid writing as much as possible but this is one of my written posts that I don't hate.

The second half of this post will be shared tomorrow...

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