Clemente's Lament

2:28:00 PMPaul

Before diving or delving into a new WEEKLY FEATURE (TM) that we like to call "Clemente's Lament", We (TM) would like to explain what we mean by Lament, or what the word means itself. 

Paul- A Lament is a delicious compliment to a cup of coffee in the morning. Its a light pastry, filled with a feeling a regret and self loathing. In France, Laments are usually enjoyed between cigarettes and lattes. Laments can also be used to cure insomnia in some cases making the affected sleepy and lethargic.

Ian- Lament is not exaactly a consumable pastry.  Lament is more accurately described as a flavoring agent in the pastry.  The flavor of lament is hard to describe, but it's best described as something like a leafy flavor, somewhat salty and a smoky aftertaste.  In recent years, a fad has erupted in North America of distilling the essence into a digestif liqueur, Creme de Lamenthe.  Flaky. 

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