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What Is A Dweeb?

Previously, we've covered the genus Nerdus, and the species nerdus and geekius, and even even the sub-species hipsterus douchius.  We posed the two as polar opposites.  So if the nerd and the geek are the yin and the yang of this established greater strata of losers, then where does a dweeb fit in?  And if it does fit in, is it actually unique enough to be granted its own specialization?

So far, we've established that it is common practice for someone who lacks any social skill or grace to supplement and perhaps overcompensate for it with a wealth of specialized and usually worthless knowledge.  Nerds use it as a form of superioristic validation and geeks use it in attempts towards inclusion and social betterment.  But not everyone possesses the menial mental faculties for such processes.  So here we find the dweeb: meek, athletically and otherwise physically inept and not unwilling to attempt self-improvement, but generally unable to do so.

The dweeb is often overlooked and even forgotten.  This is due to the exact conflation of these qualities.  The dweeb is physically unappealing, socially awkward, unable to make an advance or a name for himself.  He isn't strong, smart or charming.  His best bet is to sink into the background and he gladly does so, usually finding one or two other kindred spirits in the shadows.  The dweeb rarely dreams of romance or has ambitions towards grandeur.  He sits a harmless, benign and somewhat sad character on the landscape.

Often, within the dweeb lies special and innate talents that no one is able to recognize behind the reservation and deference.But these are rarely realized and even more rarely celebrated.  It's the stuff of Hollywood.  None of us ever realize our dreams.  And so, so ,so the dweeb stands, shaggy, bespectacled and missspelled.  Useful members of our societies filling menial roles and reassuring girls of unassuming nature with awkward smiles.  At best, the dweeb is harmless.  More later, but this is depressing...

So to sum up, the dweeb is a pretty regular person, akin to a Poindexter, lacking the confidence to execute any majorattmpts at fulfilling oneself or other's hopes, wishes, and dreams. The dweeb isn't oftena good sidekick, but when it does happen (as with early Alfred appearances in the Batman comic series), it's about the greatest thing that could ever happen to a dweeb. Dweebs are harmless and content with whatever stake of life they can take, no matter how (medium) rare. So please, I ask, or rather demand, that you leave the Wimpys and the Beakers of the world alone, they have enough to contend with in the mirror. Thanks.

Is Ian A Dweeb?
Well, let's not jump to conclusions. I have a very large soft spot for dweebs and respect and identify with them on many labels. Especially dweebettes (all you dweebettes out there gimme a call), but I'm a pretty active and outgoing guy and never satisfied with my lot in life. While I would never claim dweebtatus or any of the immunities that accompany it, I will gladly defend any dweeb in need.

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