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Construx Conspirators: Letanguray Top 10 Things To Love About Men

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Top 10 Things to Love About Men
By: Letangueray
10. White T Shirt and Jeans

If you have on a white T (Seriously, white. Not dingy with pit stains!) and jeans, you’re good. You can’t go wrong with this look. It’s fresh and clean looking. No V-necks. I don’t dig that shit. Add a gold chain and a cigarette and you look like a weekend at Matthew Barnaby’s house.

9. You Can Drive a Stick

Real men drive a stick. Period.

8. Hot and sweaty from work or a workout

Standing around sweating for no reason other than you have issues with your glands or you are completely unhealthy is disgusting. But there is something so primal and sexy about a man with a flushed face and sweat dripping off of him because he just finished working out, was working outdoors, or was playing sports. (A smudge of dirt on your face doesn’t hurt. Just sayin!)

7. Ginger Beards

Scruff in general is unreal. Don’t be afraid of some brush burn, ladies. It’s like a love tap to the face. Embrace it. Dark hair or blonde with ginger sprinkled in the beard is game over. I give you exhibit James Neal.

6. Backwards Hats

There is something boy-like and innocent about a guy in a backwards hat. Backwards fitted hats, to be precise. You score huge if it is a Pittsburgh Pirates hat. No one cares about 19 losing seasons. Their gear is incredible. I’ll exhibit James Neal one more time. Ok two. First is the perfect example of the classic Buccos fitted hat (which also comes with a hoodie. Hoodies are hot. Count it.). The second, a clear example of how to wear a fitted hat and make it look damn good!

5. Glasses

Lose the contacts and show us you’re not perfect. Add the backwards hat for bonus points. This look is raw and honest. Pair this with a white t shirt and jeans for a K.O.

Arron Asham knows how to wear glasses.

Dan Bylsma shows that a fedora works just as well as a backwards hat with glasses and is enough to make any girl completely weak in the knees.

Dan’s hotness factor is increased by his scar, which we know came from a hockey injury, unlike Guy Boucher, who’s scar for all we know is courtesy of a hooker who shanked him.

4. Cooking on a Grill

I don’t care if you can make baked Alaska. Stand over the grill where you belong. Yeah, I can be sexist too. I’ll let you marinate the chicken if it makes you feel good.
This man may not be sexy, but he knows his role. And it’s the Winter Classic and he is a Pens fan, so he at least gets consideration.

3. Brush the Hair From My Face and Follow Through With a Kiss

Wanna drive a girl out of her mind wild? Pull this move: Caress her face and look into her eyes. Brush the stray strands of hair from her face, trailing your fingers down to her chin. Now, the finisher. Gently tilt her face up and kiss. Not sloppy porno style. Don’t choke the shit out of her with your tongue. Soft, yet passionate.

Be aware dudes, this move will ONLY work if you actually like the girl. You cannot fake this. Don’t even bother if you’re not totally into her. It won’t work and then you look like a jackass.

This example from Underworld is as close as I could find.

<iframe width="420" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

2. Tattoos

They don’t always work. Some tats are damn ridiculous. But if you do them right, fuckin hot. Oh and attention Pittsburgh athletes: You use the same tattoo artist that I have been using since before you were legally allowed to touch a stick shift. It is NOT sexy to know that I can take the pain and you squirm like a pussy.

What NOT to do, exhibit Mike Green:

How to rock tats, exhibit Travis Barker:

It also helps Travis that he plays drums.

1. Strong Hands

Ugh. Strong hands. Oh. My. God. A little bit of callous goes a long way, boys. Maybe it’s from gripping a hockey stick or baseball bat. Maybe it’s from pounding nails into walls all day. I don’t care, as long as the callous isn’t some strange reaction to days on end of masturbating to Miley Cyrus’ embarrassing excuse of a sex tape.

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