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How to Hack Your Wii

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What you need:

1. Computer (obviously)
2. SD Card 1 or 2 GB (not a SDHC card)
3. Indiana Jones Lego Adventure (yeah really)
4. Updated Wii to Version 4.3
5. uTorrent installed on your PC
6. WinZip

Step 1:

1. Play Indiana Jones Lego Adventure until the first save point then save the game as you would normally.

2. Put the SD Card into the Wii.

3. Exit out of the game. Go the main menu. Go to WII > DATA MANAGEMENT > SAVE DATA > (find the indiana jones save file) COPY the File to the SD Card

4. Put the SD Card into your PC, and rename the Indiana Jones save file "PRIVATE OLD"

5. go to and get the Indiana Pwns .zip file and extract it to your desktop.

6. go to to get the Hack Mii Installer v0.8 and extract it to desktop

7. Open your SD Card (this window is called the ROOT FILE for future reference)

8. Make a NEW FOLDER called "apps" and leave it empty

9. Move the "Indiana Pwns" file to the SD Card ROOT FILE (just drag the contents into the folder) it should be named PRIVATE

10. Move Hack Mii installer to the ROOT FILE of your SD Card

11. Put the SD Card into the Wii and go Wii > DATA MANAGEMENT > SAVE DATA > SD card and copy the US Version Save File to the Wii

12. Fire up the Indiana Jones game and load the saved game like you would regularly.

13. It should put you in some college ... go north and the room on the end of the hallway on the right go through there and it should take you to the COURTYARD.

14. At the end of the COURTYARD, there is a room simply called ART ROOM. There are two dudes standing on a podium. Talk to the one of the left. There will be all kinds of options to pick from, but pick the one that says SWITCH ( <- then <-) Pick switch and the hack should take over from there. 15. Use the crosspad to select INSTALL HOMEBREW (which is the channel you need to play games and hack your Wii) 16. then select BOOTMii and select the option to install as BOOT2 (no idea what that means) 17. You Should have HOMEBrew Channel on your Wii just like you would the Internet Channel or Photo Channel. ** if you need a nerd explaination go here **

Step 2:

Now you have the Homebrew Channel now what?

1. go to and download the 0.39b browser (this makes all the programs work on the Wii) extract to desktop

2. then go to to pick what system you want to have the Wii emulate and download the appropriate program extract to desktop

3. Once you get what you want open your SD Card on your PC and click and drag the emulator programs to the "apps" folder you created earlier. Its gotta be in that folder or it wont work.

4. Now the APPs or emulators should work with the SD card in the Wii and the HomeBrew channel Selected.

Step 3:

Now you have HomeBrew on your Wii, and Emulators running now you need games.

1. you need uTorrent on your PC now.

2. go to and download that program

3. now that you have uTorrent visit and search for ROMS. Example if you want Nintendo Games search for "NINTENDO ROMS" or "GENESIS ROMS" ect.

4. results will come up and they are rated and commented on to tell you what is legit or not legit.

5. when you find what you want make sure to select the option right below the title it should look like [+] Comments & Filenames

6. then select (right below title)

7. It should prompt you to open the file with uTorrent hit OK.

8. UTorrent should pop up and the download should begin.

9. Once the download is done. Move the file you downloaded to the ROOT FILE of your SD Card. (NOT in the app folder you created)

Step 4:

1. Insert SD Card and Turn on the Wii
2. Select HomeBrew Channel
3. Pick Emulator
4. Load
5. Select Game From List


1. Remember Emulator Files go into the "apps" folder not the ROOT FILE

2. ROMS go into the ROOT FILE not "apps" folder

3. Most games more complicated than NES, SNES, or Genesis will probably need a Wii Classic controller or an old GameCube controller

4. most game played will need the Wii remote to be tilted horizontally

5. the HOME button on the controller will take you to an options screen to change the button configuration.

6. the SD Card will need to stay in your Wii for all this to work

7. If you need help hit me up on facebook, and I will do my best.

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