Against Blogging

1:59:00 PMPaul

First, pardon, fer starters: I hate the word blog. I loathe most portmaneus, and that most have become mantras.

But allow--look just stop and let me talk here okay???--all--I said Shut Up!!--allow me to make a simple observation. Blogging, not TV, not the elevation of untouchable celebrity status, is prominently responsible for the degradation of our senses and consciousness. Not because it promotes discussion of the most banal topics, or spotlights unenlightening whimsys or moments that should remain and should have remained private--no. It's because blogging allows, in step with the rest of our immediate but unintimate culture, the author to dispense undeveloped thoughts, dispell underdeveloped contradictions, and disseminate undeserving discourse. It allows one to scoop the scum from the top of the pond without ever having to reach down and slap down the sludge as well. Yet, in all these clean and still surfaces, no one ever sees a reflection of themselves. The reason is that the constant reaching and distempering of the surface permits only a distortion.

Any opinion can become philosophy with enough patience and poring. Any modernity can dissatisfy and perturb. It's on the behalf of the author to wait responsibly, not responsively, and allow these small petty thoughts to grow, for the disparate, unstable atoms of reaction to connect and form a unique unified theory. But no, it's easier and more immediately satisfying to parcel portions of pithy complaints and phrases, retorts and cheap shots against those absent to defend themselves. There is no depth, no research, just immediate acceptance of an opinion in line with one's own, but always secondary to one's own, and never never a transgression into the forbidden exploration of why one's own opinions or beliefs or stance exist inside one. These people, bloggers all, are the outsiders, but not in the way many would ahve you believe. They are not the deposed, dispossessed defenders of free speech. They are the cowards who choose to stand aside and make stray marks and remarks without taking a position. The are eternal internal contradicitons giving to us only a pose, an image they wish to mold and emphasize, avoiding or easily dismissing from behind curtains and beyond lines any idea even approaching an argument.

Dear Reader, it is our sincere wish at CN not to be ironic (as one may think the intention of this posting) or evasive or tailored. We wish to provide our entire selves, in all the glorious shame we exist. We invite challenges, questions and suspicions as they only serve to distinguish and strengthen our positions and contortions as innumerable as they are. You ae not merely our audience, but hopefully an active participant.

Very Sincerely...

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