Invisible Insects


2:36:00 PMPaul

They said, "Get a philosophy degree."
That's just words on a bit of paper.
That said, they toss you into the debris
And unjustly leave your life to taper.
What's it matter now? I'm going to Shattertown.
We found the world's over-romanticized,
Impressed by heroes from the local headlines.
Profound thoughts don't exist as advertised,
Compressed in oversized picket signs.
What's it matter now? I'm going to Shattertown.
Just don't forget you're born in debt until you've died.
You're born with borrowed sentiments and dioxide.
So stay and continue to consume.
Believe until the elements are gone.
Sustain, all that matters then is volume.
Behave, we all deserve a gun.
What's it matter now? I'm going to Shattertown.
Your cover's blown; the comfort zone's for residents
Who avoid arrest and pay the rest respects and rent.
Redundancies from infancy you can't defend,
There's nothing in your head that you can't understand.
In truth, it's not altruism when we retire from resistance
And let all those motherfuckers disappear into the distance.

From The Anatomy Of Invisible Insects by The Invisible Insects

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