creativeboner draft

Act 1 Scene 2

2:39:00 PMPaul

Scene 2-Departure

SIDD enters (DSR) his apartment in the dark with a handful of letters and junk mail. The only light illuminating the simple and sparse arrangement is that from nearby street lamps and neon coming through the windows (SL).

SIDD closes the door behind him lightly, without bothering to turn lock. His movements are deliberate and executed with full awareness of his body and surroundings, careful not to make any noise, as if he shared the tiny living space with a light sleeper. He places his keys and laptop case on the entryway table and sorts through his mail in the dark. Each letter is thoughtfully considered and then neatly added to an existing stack on the table, including each bill and advertisement. A couple envelopes contain a new sympathy card, which have reached him directly or through forwarding service from distant unknowns. There is no change in his expression between the bills and the cards. He opens the card, reads the condolence, tucks it back into the envelope and places it in the same stack. The second card contains a check, which catches him by surprise as he watches it descend onto his hardwood floor. He bends to retrieve it and a beam of light that his body was blocking highlights a posed family photo housed reverently in a simple wooden frame. SIDD puts the check back in the card and the card back in its envelope and that back in the bundle. He finishes reviewing his correspondence and walks to the back window.

A pale blue is cast on his body as he regards the landscape into the distance. He places his hand on the chilled pane and lifts his eyes in contemplation. He then retrieves a small plant from the top of his dresser and places it on the window sill. The plant shines healthily in the artificial lighting. SIDD methodically prunes the one or two spare, dead leaves. He picks up the pot as if it's a small child, though his facial expression betrays no extreme joy or inspiration, it only softens respectfully. He turns the potted plant in one direction and the other, inspecting it closely. He places it back on the sill so it will receive any sun that may hit it tomorrow while he's at work. He then enters the bathroom, still in the darkness, and turns on the faucet. Fade out as SIDD prepares for bed.

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