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Do it.

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I sincerely believe that there is an extraordinary amount of greatness still hibernating inside of us.

Some lethargic entity waiting for the right spark.

If we fall in love with a project we can make it successful, no matter what.

We are brilliant.

We are creative. We are unstoppable.

All we need is a project to inspire this.

We are not afraid of failure.

We are not afraid of rejection.

We are not afraid of high expectations.

Whatever we piss on will turn to gold.

Our time is not running out.

We need to use this intangible force to inspire everyone around us to create a total environment of free thinking and creativity.

One candle to light the world, to create a bushfire of creativity and inspiration.

So fly close to the sun, burn your wings, fall into that ball of fire - let it consume your whole body and fill it with light.

Shake your fist at the ones who choose to keep their feet on the ground, terrified to have their view skewed by clouds.

Laugh at the ones with cold hearts, and complacent minds afraid of confrontation and challenge.

They will never experience the thrill of creation, or even know the brilliance of an ignited mind.

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