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Lobster Lobby Season 1 Episode 14 (2012)

5:00:00 AMPaul

Paul: I love Ian's asides with the unknown people off-camera. Being half factual they come off as genuine but vague. The question, again, is the host talking to someone or is he a prisoner of the show. Being in that confined space, episode after episode in the same location, same place, having to repeat himself time and time again. Are we seeing the deconstruction of our host?

Ian: Times like this, I am basically just injecting real life into the scene. I love talking to imaginary characters. I don't think there was a specific person I was talking about, but the emotional content behind it is real. It's fun to vacillate between professional/serious and silly/manic. And the cuts in/out at the beginning and end of episodes are great, when they are behind the scenes for the whole episode then cut right as it's about to begin. That's a classic Paul joke. There's evidence here that the episodes are batch-filmed then released (in the cXnX LL universe). Interesting to get insight into Your Host's process. 

Episode 14: Your host has been vocal about it, going back and forth in this silly game. Does she know? Your host doesn't think so! The music is ready! We've taken a special liberty with Lobsters but we still can read your letters.

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