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CXNX Spring 2017 Playlist

10:21:00 AMPaul

Do you like new jamz? Sure, we all do! As you know (or don't know if you're a terrible fan), I scour new music tirelessly and pick my favorites for an annual list.  I'm gonna give you 12 jamz (don't tell your mother) I hope you enjoy them.

1. Run The Jewels - RTJ 3: Call Ticketron


Run The Jewels is the best hip-hop group on the planet right now. It was almost impossible to pick just one song off this album to share with you all. I like this particular track because it's different from the others. The beat used is so massive and unique, the rhymes are so tight, and the samples used are a perfect compliment. 

2. Cold War Kids - L.A. Divine: Love is Mystical


Cold War Kids make inspired indie music. The lyrics are catchy, poignant, and powerful. This pop-ready anthem about the complicated labyrinth of love has been my favorite earworm as of late.

3. Stormzy - Gang Signs & Prayers: Big For Your Boots


Grime is a very specific British blend of rap and EDM. Popularized by Dizzee Rascal in the late 90's Stormzy is revitalizing the scene with clever lyrics with speedy delivery. Stormzy has created a great couple of razor-sharp tracks before this debut album and it worth your time if you like hip-hop but tired of the current blueprint.

4. DENM -  Hey Ya!


This is a beautiful electronic dream-pop reimagining of Outkast's greatest gift to mankind. Hey Ya! being covered by anyone is a treat and this cover is no exception. 

5. Portugal, The Man - Feel It Still

(Rock / New Soul)

This song has such a great vibe to it; happy, simple, danceable all rolled into this track. Reminds me all of the best parts of Fitz and the Tantrums, soaked in nostalgia but not heavy-handed with it. This song is so versatile and gets you moving.

6. HMLTD - To the Door


 I have no idea how to classify HMLTD and that's why I love them. The members are all in the wear-whateverthefuck- you want scene and all of their songs stylistically follow the path of a roulette wheel. This song, in particular, is like a surf/glam/EDM mix which sounds insane but works so magnificently. 

7. Gorillaz - Humanz: Saturn Barz


New Gorillaz! 

New Gorillaz!

New Gorillaz!

8. HEALTH - Atomic Blonde Sndtrk: Blue Monday


One of my newer favorite bands covering one of my favorite 80's songs. I don't give a fuck about whatever this movie is but I'm happy it produced this.

9. Earl St. Clair - My Name is Earl: Pain


Goddamn, this song blew me away hearing it for the first time. You can listen to this song and be whisked away to a smokey dive bar with a .25 draft in your hand in 1966. Earl pours his entire life story into one song and screams his vulnerabilities to the world.  This is something so different in the modern music landscape and I love it dearly.

10. Trudy and the Romance - Sandman


Another genre-bending group who describes themselves as "50's mutant pop" whatever that means. The singer warbles through these retro Stratocaster mazes and modern drum beats. You'll either be immediately interested or instantly appalled.

11. Afrojack - Diamonds


Treading through the corpses of bro-step and trap DJ's Afrojack created a true stand our single with Diamonds. The drop is brutal, and its impossible not to nod your head to this absolute banger or a song.

12. Sundara Karma - Happy Family

(New Folk)

Following in the footsteps of Fleet Foxes, Sundara Karma puts out a sunny song about coming back home. The band croons about leaving where they are from and going into the wild unknown to live your own life but always needing to appreciate where you came from. This song sucks you into the narrative and is beautifully executed. 

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