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Construx Indux 2015: Noel Fielding @noelfielding11

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It's a year late but it doesn't make it less important. My 2015 induction is the surreal lunatic Noel Fielding. In the spirit of the mantra, Innovate, Inspire, and Entertain Noel does all three in spades.

My first exposure to Noel's signature blend of abstract absurdity was through his cult-classic TV show The Mighty Boosh in which he played the Glam-Goth Vince Noir. The show was magnificently odd and original. It reminded me a lot of Monty Python mixed with The Young Ones in the way it didn't play by any rules and the humor was disjointed and hilarious. I fell in love with the show immediately and felt drawn to Noel's magnetic creative charm,

Upon learning more about Fielding I admired his artistic vision in which it's influence is drenched in all of his projects. His rudimentary signature style is hard to describe but impossible not to admire.

Most recently Noel has been touring America, being involved with various stage productions in the UK, and wrote an album with half of the band Kassian under the moniker Loose Tapestries. Along with his comedy series Luxury Comedy Noel might be one of the most creative supernovas actively working in show business today.

I feel that people like Noel, who tried the stand-up scene in the late 90's, who break norms of comedy and entertainment are really the driving forces pushing and evolving comedy forward. Without people like him, so many facets of humor would grow slate and start self-cannibalizing to a point in which it would almost be unrecoverable. 

Noel is a constant source of fresh, innovative art through all possible mediums. He's a shining example of doing what's in your heart instead of just trying to be a piece of the puzzle. 

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