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Our new friend @SaltiestPal has a YouTube Channel!

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I first met The Dutchess and Kirk at Tatsu-Con in Buffalo NY. They were selling horns, goggles, and other cool shit at the convention. I spotted them immediately in the vendor's area and were drawn to them. They were unique, they were friendly, and they had fun with the interview I had with them. After we wrapped it up, we chatted briefly and we left friends

Going back to my con-experience post I'm constantly flattered and amazed at the support shown between cosplayers, vendors, and performers. It's not cut-throat or malicious; the genuine desire for people in the "community" to succeed is such a refreshing feeling.

In turn, I want to try and help our new Chux Chasers the Salty Pals out by hyping their YouTube channel. They work hard and have a lot of fun during the broadcast and it translates into entertaining material that I enjoy regularly.

They put up content almost daily documenting their experiences playing through the creepiest games available. The twist being is that they aren't pro-gamers jaded by every imperfect pixel, they aren't hardened horror fans who scoff at every jump-scare, they embrace the experience fully. They scream, they get lost, and they -at times - laugh at eachother's ineptitude stumbling through a game.

In addition to the play-though's of terrifying games you get an inside peak of a woman who is putting her entire heart and soul into her art. The channel highlights personal insight to a full-time artist, her successes and struggles, her achievements and self-doubt, her projects and ideas. Salty Pals ties it all together in a nice big black bow with a skull in the middle, video games, art, product reviews and most importantly honesty and fun.

Do us a solid and check out the channel:


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