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Construxnunchux Summer Jamz 2016 #3 - GodFlesh Apocolypse - The Fool

9:27:00 AMPaul

There is something strange about summer that makes me want to listen to metal. This Italian group is has really hit a vein with me. As a rule, I don't really like Black or Symphonic Metal at all. There is something contrived about it all. This group blends death, black, symphonic, and tech metal so well I can't help but love this caustic mixture of genres.

This song comes in hard with a harpsichord, then punches you with vocal brutality I haven't heard since Dethklok. Then the song never quits barraging you with multi-layered sonic assaults, guitar solos, choirs, double pedaling ... its great.

As always - from me to you - you can have this song for free HERE. No bullshit. A gift from my electronic fingers to your digital brain. Please enjoy.

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