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ShitJapants 12 - Cho Aniki Zero - Dick Lasers!

12:40:00 PMPaul

Cho Aniki Zero is really gay. Not in a derogatory sense, a very literal sense. It may even rival Muscle March with its near-nude-testosterone-fueled-penis-centric theme.

Let me try and explain this one as best I can ...

This game is kind of like the old NES side-scrolling shoot 'em ups in the vein of R-Type.

Then you chose normal Japanese hero stereotype (Idaten), or boob-chick (Benten), then one of the bodybuilders (Samson or Adon) to help you on your adventures.

Sounds like every game every? Yeah, well, the goal is to fight the evil forces of 
Emporor Balzac II by collecting Man Protein to be able to fire off the powerful Men's Beam to defeat enemies.

So ... If need to analyse this at all. You fly around space with a muscular man in bikini briefs. You collect white pellets of Man's Protein to fire a Men's Beam which is a white flash that comes from your crotch. Game Over.

The game itself is a surreal nightmare, filled with bizarre imagery, insane characters, and nonsensical boss battles.

If can believe it the trailer is even stranger ... 

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