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Contrux Indux 2014: Rock and Roll

8:19:00 AMRyan Noble

This inductee for the ConstruxNunchux Hall of Fame was well known, recognizable and loved. He appeared on many ConstruxNunchux projects, in fact, this member made his site debut in the same video that saw our VERY BARRIE own Ryan Noble make his CXNX debut.

We are pleased to add Ryan's cat Rock and Roll into the 2014 class of our Hall of Fame.

Rock and Roll made his debut on the site in Ryan's first post which was actually done before he was officially asked to become a part of the site. On May, 30th 2012 the uploaded a video (edited by Paul Clemente) on YouTube of Ryan interviewing Rock and Roll.

What was just their own version of a existing series of cat interviews turned out into many new projects. Though not written out, this was the first post which made mention of the GREAT war between American and Canadian cats that would later be simply known as the "Cat War".

Rock and Roll was a huge part of the Cat War, a battle that lasted nearly 2 years, was a fan favourite at the site. The early stories of how the war started to numerous photo-shops, cat war audio and even a conclusion that showed that it was in fact Kid Rock (the biggest asshole in the world) who was responsible.. RnR was the biggest victim of  what was referred to as "operation cat nip" which resulted in a bender that saw him in places like a strip club to running with the bulls.

After the war, a series of posts which again, RNR inspired were posted trying to raise awareness to cat nip and the effects in has on cats. 

That was not it for Rock and Roll with the site, he also made various appearances on the sites VERY POPULAR web series "Lobster Lobby". 

Rock and Roll made his last appearance on an episode of Lobster Lobby last season which saw Ryan killed by the Celine Dion lobster. Rock and Roll was seen at one point watching the camera while Ryan went to check out on the Dion lobster. (Fun Fact: The song playing in the background when RnR was on screen was "Wagon Wheel" by Old Crow Medicine Show Not the shitty Blowfish version). The plan was that any and all appearances of RnR in the future would have that theme playing in the background. (at 3:39 into video)

Sadly, Rock and Roll would not appear in any other projects. Later it was found out that he had kidney failure which advanced very quickly and on June 1, 2015 Rock and Roll was put down when he took a big turn for the worse. Rock and Roll was 9 years old. He spent most of his life with Ryan who adopted him and his sister who were left with a litter of kittens behind a dumpster. Ryan always remember that RnR was an obvious choice because of his solid black colouring but his little white tip on his tail that appeared it was dumped in white paint. 

Other than his years of being a featured member of the site, he was more than that. He was not just Ryan's best friend. He was inspiration. RnR in his own way inspired ideas. Ideas that turned into content which resulted in expression. Rock and Roll was not just a cat. He was a muse. He helped Ryan get out of his comfort zone and express himself ways publicly that he never would have before. That is what our HOF is all about and that is why it was a no brainer to include Rock and Roll. 

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