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Mysterious Cat Picture from "Wrecking Ball 69"

9:00:00 AMRyan Noble

This morning we at Construx Nunchux received an e-mail from a user who goes by the name "Wrecking Ball 69" that had no message but had a picture attached. The picture above is what we received. We have replied to the user asking them A) What this picture means, B) Who they are and C) Who is responsible for the picture. We will be sure to keep all you Chux Chasers posted as to what it could mean. This is the strangest thing we have received since the ending of the Cat Wars.

If you know who the cat is in the picture, please let us know. We can't identify the cat but fear that that much bleach could effect its well being.

When we receive any updates from Wrecking Ball 69, we will be sure to pass the news along to you, our fellow Chux Chasers.

In other news Kid Rock is still the worst. At everything. What a dick...

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