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Best Tracks of 2013: 1) Just Blaze & Baauer - Higher

11:12:00 AMPaul

I'm a Baauer hipster I can't help it. Although I can't hate the infamous Harlem Shake, I can understand the casual music listener writing him off as a novelty act but Baauer makes brutal trap music thats impossible to ignore.

The bass feels like a sledge hammer hitting a monster truck tire and the builds keep you in a frantic state of unrest throughout the song. Jay-Z's contribution to the song, in my opinion, hilarious doing exactly what one would expect with a Jay-Z contribution. One word muttered every 16 bars, "bitches, Fuckers, I cannot lose" takes nothing away from the song as they miraculously got him on the track without it dominating the song.

If this song doesn't get you hype - you're not doing it right.

Download it FREE here: Just Blaze & Baauer feat. Jay-Z - Higher
(just don't tell anyone)

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