andrew wk lobster lobby season 3

Lobster Lobby Season 3 Episode 1 "The Audition" with @andrewwk

11:59:00 AMPaul

It's finally here!

Our annual series where we bring the weirdest, darkest, and most bizarre parts of the internet to YOU for free!

We started filming this year in May on location in Pittsburgh, PA our third different location (Chicago Season 1, Jamestown Season 2) for the series. The bulk of the series took two days to film and 3 months to edit. This year there has been 424 clips and songs used to complete Season 3 obliterating last years standard of 124. This is also the third year of an original song written for the Lobster Lobby intro

What also makes this season special is that one of our most admired people on the planet, Andrew WK, was kind enough to film with us before his "One Man Party Machine Tour" in Pittsburgh. He was very open-minded, kind, and brilliant when doing this with us and its still overwhelming. Meeting him was a dream fulfilled within itself but to have him embrace our special brand of absurdity was truly unreal.

Personally, this might be my favorite project we do all year since there are no restrictions with story, ideas, or even reality. So please enjoy the newest season of LOBSTER LOBBY.

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