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The content herein is completely original.  Any similarities to discarded journal entries found on the street in the Strip District Saturday morning are purely unintentional.  Seriously, for all you know all the names and places were changed... y'know... and shit...

"...line involving how many black people there were and how passively bored everyone was.  A person... walk in with a gun and no-one would glance...  Anyway - a hectic week on my nerves and my pocketbook - the first time I payed for a fender bender.  I had done two before but left no scratches.  Actually, one lady I backed into I may have scratched but she had the pay it forward attitude--which constitutes a moral vs. benefit conversation.  When someone hits me, should I let them go or pocket the money.  Well... it is no logic that people are used to, morally anyway--realistically, yes--but I would take the money to take care of my negative 650.  Of course, I'm putting someone else in the red.  Comes all down to the equality principle and that karma idea.  Anyway - I'm glad I'm not to worked up over unfortunate happenings and am happy to realize I'm coming to be a truly [bias] person.

August 17, 2009

Today is Monday.  I will leave for college on Thursday morning.  I got back from my camping trip with Maritza, David, Crystal and Maritza's mom and brother (Mathew).  It was sa good time and I'm coming to realize my relationship with there people: I have become fairly close with Maritza as she just told me her mom got in an accident and got hurt when some drunk teens hit her on her way to pick  up Maritza and Polana from my barbeque yesterday.  David is an alright friend/acquaintance and he revealed how he has few friends and a crappy life because of his mother.  Crystal is cool but too much of a common person. She "went out...for god knows why and took some convinceing to really realize it was over."  Yesterday at the barbeque Maya (someone who's company I have been enjoy) and Lucy left to go to some mysterious party, but lied to me as to why they were leaving.  Annoying but predictable.  Sofie had to go home home because of guests but wanted to go to the party (Spencer assures me). This is my... -- is the lost morning.  I will see what... was fully anticlamatic as I thought.... leaving Friday morning and he got back Thursday.  Too bad the three of us shared a momeant of sitance (spontaneous) which was nice and tomorrow I will bid farewell to James and Mohammed at the beach.  I should get Kevin tour.  As I get closer to leaving, I start to feel a feeling, un-identifiable but regardless, a feeling... a strange and eventful journey-- into the unknown.  It seems the past and future and colliding as I went through my stuff in boxes, read about Mr. D,  the robotics man, and my childrens novels reminded me to have kids at some point.

Friday, August 28th

It is 2:10 in the morning and I have just sat down after an especially intent shower, cleaning myself from an especially sensitizing bike ride through Meadville and the surrounding area at one in the morning.

...those memories that can be more important than life itself, you are here in spirit.  I may not be able to play you at ping-pong or have a really good laugh with you physically, but I can always look at the basement and see you, and I can always remember something you have said and chuckle to myself.  My only regret Will is that I never had a heart to heart with you and I never was able to crack your mystery and understand your pain.  But maybe that's for the best.  You lived, you died, and maybe somewhere along there you had a chance to fly.  I know this for sure though, that as long as I live, my brothers, your uncles, your mother or your grandparents live, you will live alongside them, watching, listening, laughing, and loving.  Never goodbye, just see you later.  Love, your nephew cousin, Nick

January 21st, 2010

The Rip by Portishead music video charged my life.  Be kind, be happy, don't ever be unexcited.  Life is beautiful and amazingly the best thing ever.  No life, no matter.  Maybe so but life is the next bet thing (By the way I'm high)  My Yoga II class today inspired me amazing heights. Prof Reedy is truly a very close to being elightened individual.  Yoga is enlightening.  Be kind, be happy.  Communes are a beatiful concept.  Work at sustainable farms and eat delicious organic foods.

January 25, 2010 1:45am

Tonight was my second forest/ravine adventure in 3 days.  Actually it could be considered as the third in three days if you count last night's impromptu treck to the campsite to sleep while under the lulling influence of marijuana.  It was dark with looming street lights providing a phosphorescent glow.  After setting up in the snow I began to be spooked by the hundreds of strange noises filling the air, all of which Max labeled as different bird calls.  I went inside the tent while Max sat in the chair last night listening.  He awoke the next morning freezing as his only warmth came from the insulation of my wool blanket.  He left at 9:30 an while I stayed longer until it started raining and in the freezing cold I packed up and returned to huntie Ravine.  Later yesterday, as the rain continued to fall upon a monumentous overflow of water as the clogged Ravine released it's fury upon the parking lot paved over its original treck.  As an act of whim I returned to the river around 12:30 am this morning and trecked up the walls of the Ravine, across a precarious log and sat myself upon a well founded rock where I engaged in brief meditation.  Feeling content, at complete bliss and ease, and more connected to nature than ever before I was pulled back to the parking lot where the flooding water carried my feet to the opposite bank..."

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