Canadian Classified

Ryans Construx Summer Jamz #1

7:04:00 AMRyan Noble

I am obligated by the Canadian rules of radio to play at least one Canadian song in every 5 or 6 songs. We at Canadian Construx Nunchux respect, and follow these rules and regulations.

My first song is All About U by Classified. I remember the first time I heard this song. Times were tough and I was living in a motel at the time. I remember sitting there with a buddy and the music video for this song came on Much Music (they still played music videos regularly at this time, until it turned into a low budget MTV) I loved this song instantly. It seemed so different from all of the hip hop songs that were out at the time, I really liked the acoustic guitar and harmony in the song which wasn't in most songs of the genre. Plus the video wasn't just a bunch of women dancing around in neon bikinis under a black light. Still, I love this song and often drive around with it cranked in my car.

Classified - All About U (download link)

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