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This is quoted from the blog located at the following link and reposted by permission as an expression of the author's insights.  Enjoy.- cXnX mGmX

there's something that i call duality, and there's actually a philosophical term, by this name. I am only asking that you define it as

anything having to do with, or pertaining to the number 2.
many thing in this world are dual, but god is definitely considered not. and in this life, we are quite dual creatures in the sense that we suspiciously have two, of almost everything in our physical outward appearance, and 'coincidentially' in the bible the first thing created, are the heaven & earth.. but, many things in our lives are merely an 'illusion' of two..
i'm saying, god made it, as if (even), an illusion of 2
,the physical as opposed to the holy, is dual, and it can also be sometimes seen/perceived as the evil vs. the holy
i believe that good vs. the bad is dual, and that's even mentioned in webster's great dictionary. notice how almost everything can seem ambivalent or have you ever counted how many sides a coin has?..
since god creats everything, and you may see him as a oneness (or infinteness), it only 'seems' to us, as if, dual humans, like two things (and we have, like i said, two eyes, perhaps so that we can see everything from two slightly different points of view, two ears, so we don't take everything we hear, as carved in stone, like a second opinion or perspective..and now that i think of it, all the organs that have
to do with the five senses, are pretty physically dual..:-)
also, for just one example, the perceptions of physically beauty, as opposed to unattractiveness can also be considered dual, but in the next world, god just might, and i personally believe he will, make everyone gradually, (cuz miracles can be scary [ i.e.- bible story where sarah, reacted to a slightly frightful miracle by merely laughing) look like a michelangelo statue
in the next world, this duality will slowly disappear, and the good vs. the bad will, in the
actual physical world, become a unity of, obsolete goodness.
it's as if, god has negatively brain washed us, but it's only so that when it's gone (in the next world) .we'll know it! if we had never known, the idea of poop pardon my french, and in the next world, let's assume there's no poop at all, you don't see poop anywhere you've never even heard of the word poop...say we were created straight into this reality, humans don't even go to the restroom, we wouldn't think it was really cool, that there's no poop, we wouldn't be aware that it's awesome, we wouldn't be euphorically happy from it. poop in the paragraph is a metaphore for all the shit in the world we all have to go through, wars and poverty etc etc...i'm just saying the old cliche' about, you can't appreciate the good without the bad, is more than true..
so, in short, this i believe is the philosophical reason for all the bad and 'evil' currently in the world, and god knows best, about when the perfect timing is for everything, so we just have to be, like in the guns n' roses song, patient
in the next world, or approaching the next world, many more temporarily, 'negatively'-dual concepts, ,will become, obsolete as well, and things will get a lot better after the dead return to us and we find we live forever.
, have an awefully great one

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