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revleXionZ: "The Best Of '90-'91", The New Class

11:52:00 AMPaul

First, allow us to extend apologies to Lee German, The Inter-State Studio representative whose dilligent work is about to be so massively and uncontestingly/unconsentingly overshadowed.  You may remember from last month, that we have secreted away a small fortune in Clemente juvenalia and proof that we at one time belonged to the real world.  It may be not completely irrelevant to note that while you'll be witnessing this silliness in chronologix order (or, durr...), the stax of boox was not vandalized in that same order, so we'll see here that the jokes became a little less attached to the reality they spawned from, and were focused more on a pretty insular canon. Although the scans this time are much clearer, we'll still recap the quotes.- cXnX mGmX

Frame 1a: "...except for Ian." A slight challenge.  Easy to spot Ian because of the erratic gesturing.  Ian always is very animated in these spots.

Frame 1b: " Ian uh... look for yourself."  Not sure if this was the intention from the beginning, or a mistake that turned out hilarious, but Ian is a pervert, so...

Frame 1c: "...As Ian decides to snack on Mrs. Pisula."  Ian's actual kindergarten teacher.

Frame 2a:  "...As Ian busts a move."  Again, one that may have begun as an accident and turned out brilliant.

Frame 2b:  "...excluding Ian."  Not sure who Mrs. Leonard was or why she got her very own room. 

Frame 2c:  "?"    

3a:  "...excludes Ian."  Before Ian was in the GATE program.  Had the two Ian's seen themselves, the world likely would have imploded.

3b:  " Ian discos."  Continuing a theme throughout our childhood that Ian enjoyed disco and was incredibly funxee.

3c:   "...As Ian climbs in."  Time was taken to correct the grammar here too.

 4a:  "Ian states "No.""  No explanation as to why Ian is on the ceiling

4b:  "...As Ian celebrates."  A rare instance where Ian is participating willingly instead of causing a disruption.

4c:  "...As Ian sleeps."  Ian has been on the floor and in the casement windows a lot during this installment...

5a:  "...except for Ian."  Always noticed how differently this Ian was drawn.

5b:  "...even for Ian."  Who hasn't moved since frame 1a apparently.

5c:   "...As Ian distracts the class with stupid noises."

6a:  "As Ian peers in the window"

6b:  "?"  Are they reading about Ian??

6c:  "Look there's Ian now!"  The pose is perfect, like he's been caught and is ready to take off.

This is from the back inside cover of the yearbook, an example of how Young Ian spent his daydreaming hours and what he envisioned.  This guy clearly means business.  As with everyone else in Young Ian's imagination, he sported a Beatle-do.

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