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Andy Kaufman Sighting (6-1-11)

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We were having a lot of fun scouring our archives for old Andy correspondence but this one came to us just this morning, so please forgive us if it's a little thrown together.-- cXnX mGmX

Hey cXnX!

I'm a big time fan!  My name's Richard and I wanted to submit an Andy Kaufman sighting.  Lemme tell ya a little about myself first.   I live in Danville, CA where my dad owned and operated the Scoop N Scoot Ice Cream Shoppe for 54 wonderful years!  Sadly on Christmas Eve last year he passed.  He left me as the sole proprietor of the SnS, and I finally got to realize my dream.  I quit my job as a consultant and put all my energies into realizing America's first and only Gay Ice Cream Parlor!  So, we rechristened the storefront Lickety Dick's and decided to commemorate this momentus occasion with America's first and only All-Gay Ice Cream Social, "The 1st Annual Tutti-Frutti In My Booty Memorial Day Celebration". (You may have seen the ad, Paul looks like the kind of guy who reads BEAR) I don't have to tell you that the event was a rousing success!! I'm getting ahead of myself though.

When I first brainstormed this idea back in March, I knew I'd need extra staff.  Normally, the family just pitches in whenever they have free time, but we were able to secure a permit to setup in Cliffside Park.  We had the works!  Jugglers, strongmen, and that carnival game where you shoot into the guy's mouth!!  I knew this was gonna be big, boys! 

                                                                                                                                                                   One of the very first kids to apply for the job was this sorta peddy lookin guy.  I had my reservations, but he could hand dip like no other!  And there was something familiar about him.  Well, we went through the month of training and he really outshone the other dozen guys and was willing to work a little free overtime here and there.  I recognized him from some of those photos I saw on Saturdays, but really didn't believe it.  I thought you boys had doctored those photos and fabricated the stories.  I started the boys on nametags because I'm horrible with names, and wouldn't you know it, he wrote ANDY on his!  I didn't want to say anything at the time, because I hadn't seen such a dedicated worker in so long and I didn't want to blow him cover. 

Well, the festival came, and Andy opened up shop alone.  This kid Ricky was supposed to cover first shift with Andy but I guess got really drunk the night before.  From 12 to 4 Andy handled the crowd all on his own, scoopin out Rocky Load, Hershey Biway and The Santorum in a way that reminded me of... welllll... me!!!  When his shift was over, he quietly left like usual but he didn't come in the next day (yesterday). I'm assuming he's gone, because he was showing up everyday without fail for six weeks and now nothin!  I already miss him and the way he said our signature line still rings in my ears, "Here's your scoop, keep on scootin'!"

If he comes back I'll let you know or if you have his contact info, pass it on!  I attached some pix from the Tutti Frutti event. If you're ever in the Bay Area (I call it the Boy Area!), please stop by.  You can have a scoop on me.  In the meantime, send some bumper stickers!

America's First and Only Gay Chux Chaser,
Lickety Dick!

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