What makes me laugh ... (part 1)

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Not to start this post off as an attention seeking plea on your sensibility, but I have been in need of laughter for the last week or so. Ian has been kind enough to take the helms of most of CxNx while I get everything back in working order in my life. Maybe I'm phoning this one in, but I think by putting down what makes me laugh (everytime) it may give you a bit of insight on how my brain works, and where my humor comes from.

1. Tom Green at Joker's Wild

Say what you want about Tom Green, but I was (and still am) a huge fan of his. Maybe a career self saboteur, Tom always did what was funny to him and his friends. It wasn't until the twilight of his Mtv stint where everything seemed forced, and fame came to him too intensely, and prematurely. This was a skit he did at a comedy club with a concealed camera capturing every glorious minute of this hilarious performance.

This site features an Australian commercial artist David Thorne, who posts emails and correspondence he initiates in his spare time. It may not seem funny, but somehow with his clever writing, and penchant for silly anecdotes, he takes the person on the other side of the keyboard to such a maddening level of frustration, it's so hard not to laugh. His career first began with an overdue account, and him bargaining to pay the outstanding balance of  233.95 with a drawing of a spider.

The irony of this drawing being offered for money is that the original drawing actually sold for $10,000 (aussie dollars) on eBay once his website earned international acclaim. Although the high bidder told David "I have no intention of paying", David quipped back "the internet is a playground, and I wouldn't have it any other way".

3. Farting Preacher

This is fraud-o-tron preacher Robert Tilton all throughout the 80's and 90's scammed thousands of people out of their disability checks, and change jars. His preaching style and facial contortions were actually parodied all the way back in 1985 by simply adding a fart track over his sermon. Farts are funny. Seriously. There are a whole series of them on the youtube, and when I first saw it I remembered laughing to the point where I could not breathe.

4.  Trigger Happy TV

What now has become an obscure find, Trigger Happy TV was a hidden camera prank show with tons of visual humor, animal costumes, and pretty amazing music attached to the background of it all. Dom Jolly was the mastermind of this barrage of uncomfortable public insanity, which included a man screaming on the phone which trans-mutated into a catchphrase of a loud "HELLO!" . There are dozens of other skits, and brilliant pranks on the show, but the over-sized cell phone, and the "HELLO!" catchphrase cracks me up everytime.

5. Tim and Eric

When I first saw Tim and Eric: Awesome Show Great Job! I was immediately amazed by its insane intricacies of bad taste. I can't really explain Tim and Eric to you, and if you have no idea who they are I'm not sure how you know me. It mixes all the elements of comedy I love, silliness, insanity, and loud noises. It's impossible to pick a clip that encompasses the show's humor, but this made me laugh to no end.

6. Ed Bassmaster

The only good thing to come out of Philly besides "Always Sunny". Ed is a mix of prank calls, practical jokes, and fart humor. I was bored one night, and my lust to hear prank calls rose. I hit up youtube, and found this gem:

Of course, I thought of Saul from Jerky Boys, but Ed I think adds an intangible funniness to what he does. He has a ton of "characters" which to everything from making strangers uncomfortable, scaring drive-thru employees, and farting on people in public. Sounds like a recipe for success in my eyes.

Part 2 (coming soon)

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