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Free Muzix Friday Fo Yo Faze (6-10-11)

9:46:00 AMPaul

Studio 54 Blues- Johnny Van Der Waal

Don't ask me the kid's real name.  If he wanted to use it, he wouldn'a come up witha nu moniker.  The video is a live version of a song that, to this day, I can't get enough of.  Sure, yeah, it's "biting satire" and a little blunt to be anything more than purely humorous, but the sorta weedy willowy voice that sings it, sorta vulnerable (right?), makes it.  The download is what we could call the studio version.  I really don't know what happened to this guy.  I hear he sorta lived out the perils listed in these lyrics, but I do remember seeing him at the Future Tenant and drinking much free beer and bought whisky and requesting this song.  He did play it, but I annoyed the event/venue promoter but shouting my request in her ear...

Yes, the Malcom Mclaren.  Is there anything this man didn't do, or rather didn't-not-do-and-have-other-people-not-not-do-for-him-while-he-pretended-he-couldn't-not-do-it-but-in-actuality-didn't-do-it-at-all? Anyway, after being a punk and pop promoter scoundrel theif and before dying, somewhere in between all that, he found time to conceive and take credit for the work of a coupla wellrespektd NYC DJs, while I begrudgingly suppose also adding his own concepts and productions along with Trevor Horn.  But, it's called Hobo, so enjoy.

Fistfight- Motorboat

It's necessary to admit that I don't know a lot about this band.  I've heard about a half dozen tracks and most are pretty solid acoustic rawmps, but this song in particular needs to be heard, by as many (angry, violent, unpredictable) people as possible.  It was floated to me by a friend from Pittsburgh who is working on more material with these guys.

Wild Orchid Children ~ Ahead of us the Secret

All the info I've found about this band is just a bunch of drug fueled bullshit about organic vibration garbage. This band is like Beastie Boys, with White Stripes, and My Morning Jacket influences. I like the prog-rock meets indie-hip hop vibe to it. This song gets a bit long towards the end, but somehow it sucks you in till the end.

Deathface  Gift of Fury

I really hope this becomes a trend following Crystal Castles success, of louder than life bands who take no pleasure in sparing your virgin ears. This song starts slow and builds into a jackhammer beat with screeching riotous vocals all under broken string and synths. They have a dark Aphex Twin vibe from them as well which sets them apart from other experimental bands. I would suggest to check out more than just this one song as they all have a unique vibe to them.

Elbow Open Arms

This is a very hot & cold band from the UK, who has actually been together since 1990 as a group of high school friends. I first heard them while working at FYE by accident, they coined this brilliant New Pink Floyd-esque style with "Any Day Now" which is a brilliant song which constantly shows up in my top 100 or so songs.  They have put out 4 albums since them, and I want to try and give them a chance but I just couldn't get back into them. They sounded like Coldplay without the commercial hooks, and all their songs sounded like the whole band was just bored. This new single is a very large song, like a band with 20 years chemistry deserves. I love the chorus, build and lyrics a ton. It reminds me of Coldplay without the arrogance. Definitely check this song out, you will be singing it all day.

Elbow- Open Arms

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