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cXnX Beatz rePortz: Peelander-C

10:44:00 AMPaul

It's extremely rare that Paul and I are equally excited about any band or art or act or thing thing thing.  While we both appreciate eachother's tastes, one of us usually ends up as the clearly more enthusiastic admirer.  So, when Paul flipped through a local paper in search of any entertainment for his Chicago debauchery and came across Peelander-Z, we both drunkenly agreed we must be in attendance. The surprising fact is that the next day, sober, we still fully intended on going.  In our on-going cultural exchange with our chuX chaZerz, we present our brief encounter with the overwhelming yelps of maddenigly life-affirming feedback that is Japan Comic Action Punk, one that began with us running one mile from a mistaken location to the front of the stage.  (Acknowledgement to Kris who first introduced me to this magic some 4 years ago.)

It's equally rare that someone creates a body of work that so much aligns with our philosophies:  Respect, Joy, Brotherhood, Fantasy Tigers and Space Monkeys, Grotesque Amounts of Food Obsession, Sincerity, Color Coordination and a Good Show.  To be honest, I have nothing new to add regarding my schoolboycrush-style affinity for this band, nothing that any other appreciator of their song craft and stage show hasn't already said and said better than I could.  The only point I'll make is that an equal amount of reviews concerning P to tha Z are either dismissive or overly analytical.  I greatly appreciate that this band is nothing more than what they present and are happy to be.


Dance breakdown during "Ninja High Schooool"!


Guitar solo as Peelander-Red mingles.

Self-promotion and personal hygiene-- Paul with Peelander-Yellow.


Peelander-Pink also enjoys the taste of her own nose-pickins.

Peelander-Red's reaction to Ian stealing his goggles? Still rockin'.

Paul, Peelander-Green and Bigbootyhoze.
Download: Peelander-Z - Ninja High Schooool


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