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cXnX XlazziX: Paul & Ian's Ultra Violent Comic

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The main reason for featuring this xomix today is that is helps to shine some light on the Flaming Jalepeno mystery unleashed on the world some weeks back.  There's been a lot of debate going on and hopefully his admittedly brief appearance here will help us understand the character more.  Moreover, there are several great characters featured here as well as Paul and Ian and while it's billed as the Ultra Violent Comic, the plot doesn't differ much from earlier ventures in the illustrated novella field.  In the end, presenting this piece will likely raise more questions than it answers.

Paul: This was supposed to be a beautiful masterpiece of hideous violence, and I re-established Black Sunshine Comix nearly a year after our folding. I knew what level of violence we were capable of, and after seeing this a few times I wonder what held us back. You can always tell by the title page who's original idea it was.

Ian:  Definitely Paul's brain-child.  I remember him actually approaching me about creating the most violent comic we could conceive (and conceivably get away with).  I'm not sure if it had been the result of constant goading on my part or a sudden sparka inspiration on Paul's, but you'll notice the date extending now into 1995 (almost a year after the most recent one).  I don't think this was our last comic collab, but it was definitely near the end of this avenue and as you'll see, one of the more definitive and well-executed pieces in the whole canon (whatever happend to that guy?).

Paul: This was a total different design from the comic Paul we are used to. The goatee is gone,the glasses are updated for the exciting mid-90's style, and the piercings are to further cement my support for Gen-Xers everywhere. This Paul was fresh and exciting, a Paul for the new era, this might be the last rendition of comic Paul we ever see.

Ian:  You see, we broke the formula here.  As opposed to presenteing a flimsy pretext for an attack (usually just mutual recognition), we open here with Paul in mid-flight; sorta shaking it up for long-time readers (if you're gonna keep em waiting for a year while you're off rebelling and revelling in vanity projects, then you had better make the comeback worthwhile and fresh.)  Again, I'm uncertain if Paul presented me with a completed title page and first frame, but I have the distinct recollection of legitimately discussing the plot elements one bored weekend afternoon (seems like it was executed before dinner on Memorial Day [observed]), probably with the tv on.

Ian:  And in stark contrast to the elaborate settings of previous outings, the only hint of our locale here is a sidewalk (witha vague notion of a puddle in front of it??)...  I guess backgrounds aren't too violent and would have only taken time away from more violence, but we make up for that ambiguity with the Best expository dialogue ever.  Clearly this is an ongoing occurrence, we're led to believe by the astute assumption I make above.  I'm sure I used the word butt to avoid any trouble if the comic were to be found, and equally sure that such unnecessary violence as follows would have been completely acceptable. And... AND!  What is this battle cry?  I guess it's equally as useful when about to be beaten senseless with a medieval mace as when arguing a piece of trivia in a bar.  "Truffaut did so win a Legion of Honor Medal!  League of Zaniness back me up!"

Ian:  And there you have it.  Perhaps Paul's only rendition of me in our archives?  So far Paul is a man of few words and much action.  I guess I have two questions:  Why am I more worried about the blood than the missing teeth and Do I turn into some sort of  rodent as a special power or defense mechanism (note the paw like hand, shortened arm and muzzly nose)?

Ian: Great response time, guys.  Thanks for the save [Clockwise from the top:  The Flaming Jalepeno, George the Gorilla, The God Of Tinytown, Charlie Tuna, Joe Normal, Hugo Tongue, Afroman].  Faithful Chux Chazerz will already be familiar with Charlie Tuna and the The Flaming Jalepeno.  The God of Tinytown is pretty self-explanatory.  George the Gorilla was sort of a crossover from earlier broadcast media of the early 90's who I was able to coerce to fight on the side of good (?) apparently even though he was originally Paul's creation.  Hugo Tongue's power was evident yet unexplored and I think Joe Normal's super power was super normalcy, though I'm not sure if it actually manifested in any useful way.  Finally, Afroman... embarrassingly and unwittingly racist portrayal (parody) of blaxploitation heroes that I hadn't yet learned were horribly outdated and not really appropriate (salt grains)...

Ian: Finally!!!  Am I out of line for thinking the world's most violent comic should have had a little more action leading up to the fifth page by now etc...?  Here we see powers on display, the third nipple in full bedazzlement (was it an energy beam... haha beam...nipple) and the God of Tinytown's near indestructability and AND!  The single greatest frame in any comic we ever drew, Period.  The foreshortened finger and cocked head let you know the World's Shiniest Man means business.  Best Ever.

Ian:  It's rare that I would commandeer a whole frame, outside of the necessity to complete a half-finished story line, but I think here I'm trying to convey the sheer awesomeness (and ease of drawing) that the God of Tinytown possessed.  Again, few words, much action, stomach tornado.

Ian:  This page features some of the most brazen arrogance displayed by any purveyor of justice.  First The Most Vulnerable Man takes it upon himself to save the WSM as if he couldn't handle himself, then the Flaming Jalepeno (with a standing record of 0-1) decides he will single-handedly defeat the entire opposition.  And here we confirm that his amazing powers of jalepenoness are contined solely in the torch...

Ian:  So, if we're tallying here... each side has definitely lost one teammate, but really, I think the LoZ is up in successful defenses on the no-nonsense tcob attitude of the God of TT, I would score it so far at something like 3-1 or 3-2... And here comes Paul "Durrr hurr hurr, mindless violence will solve everything so I'll shoot my nine wildly!"

Ian:  I mean, in all fairness, the whitey did shoot his afro...  Not sure if the (original) Afroman intended to retaliate here or what it would have been... but just check those platforms.  Noixe.


Ian:  I'm not much sure what happened here, if maybe the World's Shiniest was delayed in his attack on the God Of Tinytown, or if all of this action had been occurring simultaneously or if he was bored or reckless...  Anyway... this is not the first time this guy destroyed the world and you would have thought he learned his lesson.  Additionally, this is not the first time Paul got bored or distracted and I hastily finished up the book.  What happened is that dinner was probably called and afterwards, Paul had lost the momentum to keep up such a degree of violence...

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