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Distraxionz- (the) Anatomy of Invisible Insects Side/Pt. 2

10:04:00 AMPaul

Again, the second half of an unavoidable or irresistable project that I was able to finish between 2008 and 2010 despite innumerable diversions and realizations with the help of Freddie Clean, Mark & Matt Korosi and Jon-Michael Kerestes.  Again, all downloads are free and all songs can be played right from the cXnX site.  Hope it helps you get over--

Photogenic Memory

Your words are swollen in my head
And I had to handwrite it
I can’t remember what I said.
Underdressed and overfed
Your words are swollen in my head

And I had to handwrite it
I don’t remember what I want
A manipulated confidant
Socratic synchronized savant
And I had to handwrite it
So here’s my hand, bite it.

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No Funerals

I don’t want a funeral, please
Don’t go through the trouble of
Slabs or statues in marble, or
Plaques above a urinal

Preclude precious prescriptions filled
I don’t wanna be hospitalized
My name engraved capitalized, no
Leave me where my body’s spilled

I’m arraigned from appointments
Arrangements and assignments
Assessments. well that’s enough
Put away the pick and the plow

Spoiled by drive-by or by duel
I won’t be buried brined or burned
No loss of life in soil if I have turned
Into useful fossil fuel

I don’t want a
Barren resentment
Roomful of fuchsia fumes
And table tappin tombs
(I don’t wanna a funeral)

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(The winter stands as sincere
The summer only implies
Autumn refuses to interfere
And the springtime simply never tries.)

An archer in an orchard shoots
At the bows the branches and the roots
To collect unseen insects
But instead eats the roots

A hundred hunters in a row
Huddled hugging guns and bows
All take aim at the same game
And miss when they let go

Dramatic direction, who knew I’m in a mid-skid
Intended infections, I’m out.  I’m in a mid-skid
Demonstrative postures, too true I’m in a mid-skid
As sharp as a bottle, no doubt I’m in a mid-skid

I know we both said this before
So I’m sorry but, “I know the score.”
Me meandering, you cute pandering
And fission of the core

It’d be best if you forgot
All your useless caveats
Do they mean anything,
Anything at all?

Impassioned impassive, at an impasse in a mid-skid
Impressions in fractions, the impact of a mid-skid
Obsessive, responsive, at zero in a mid-skid

A mystery, a missed chance, a mid-skid and—

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The Confidant (in Conversation)

“I’m a dealer in hardships and time on the line;
I’ll cut you a good price on a troubled mind.
After a lifetime of debt, you look reasonably set.
You can make this change, anyone could bet.

They're tellin’ you that you should rest
But you’ll start to rust.
How can you even resist?

Gimme a little credit; you can’t trump the eye.
I know there’s no stopping you from wanting to try.
It’s all up to you and when it’s up, it’s high.

A loaner? Sure, I’m the one you wanna see.
A circus of bargains, and golden guarantees.
You can call it switching bait and you can call the rest traitors—
The one liners, old timers, they’re all imitators

You look distressed, but who you gonna trust?
When you’re a mess, it’s a must,
Not gonna be missed.

How about some mistakes, missteps, or mishaps?
You really think it’s all chance, a shot of craps?
That you don't need to take a stance? Well, perhaps…

Now I got you thinking
It’s all black or red.
Now I got you thinking
That the meter’s been fed.
Now I got you thinking
It’s all in your head.
Now I got you thinking

I won’t take any excuse, even if it’s true.
I ain’t heard em all, but I’ve heard quite a few.
Here’s my card, yours to keep, at your service. Call
When it’s stacked and your back’s against the wall.

You pay me a visit,
Advance and invest
And if you’re still not convinced…

Sliding outta sight, the sleight of a heavy hand
With the intensity of one who had it all planned.
Do you really think you understand?

Now I got you thinking
with Uncertain concern.
Now I got you thinking
Your taste’s discerning.
Now I’ve got you thinking
You’ve got what you earned.
Now I’ve got you thinking…”

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Missed Kids

I swear we saw each other
I know I saw you
We never saw each other
Another missed kid

Link us to each other
Cherry blossoms bared
Cathedral calves lead marching mares
To a world unmarked

Flesh is an affliction Muscles are a malady
Officially it's friction Maidens malcontent and moody
Fate precedes prediction Manors ain't morality
Fables aren't fiction Family's a formality

Until we see each other
Our chests can't justify
Medicine or moonlight veiled
Southern victory

But for one molecule The formation of our follicles
Follows formulae for Formaldehyde and flashing mortar
Fossilized confections Monopolized martyrs in factions
Misfits farmed in memory Fist-framed mouths firm, few and foamy
Flirting with fixation, Permissible muddy foundations
First fertile phenomena, Mashed under a microscope

Mixed up missed kids motherfuckers Imprisoned for imprecision
Impositions on physicians of
Forbidden morbidity
Motherfuckin missed kids

"Did you ever get lost in your head
when you were trying to go to bed
Did you ever think that you soul was damned
as you were laying there dying again

Sleep is no comfort when you are down
And there ain't nothing to do but to pull on through
-you can make it, I can make it too.

Did you ever wake up in a sweat
because you thought that the world would drop
Did you ever wig out and beat your chest
like a hammer so your heart wouldn't stop

Sex is a burden is you can't cum
And it ain't no damn fun to pretend you're done
with a smile for the ones you love.

Did you ever feel the sun embrace your doubt
thereby turning fear inside out
Did you ever have dreams of kissing the moon
like a hustler with something to tout

Drugs cannot teach you what you don't have inside
And there ain't no way to hide if you're living on lies
from you vanity and vicious pride.

Did you ever jump back from a turning leaf
while the midnight ghosts tracked your feet
Did you ever step forward to your deepest love
while you were lost but full of belief

Rock'n roll can sometimes just conquer your mind
And there's no time left bereft of yourself dreaming
sex, life, and divine glory."

They said, “Get a philosophy degree.”
That’s just words on a bit of paper.
That said, they toss you Into the debris and
Unjustly leave your life to taper.
What’s it matter now?  I’m going to Shattertown.

We found the world ‘s over-romanticized;
Impressed by heroes from the local headlines.
Profound thoughts don’t exist as advertised;
Compressed in oversized picket signs.
What’s it matter now?  I’m going to Shattertown.

Just don’t forget you're born in debt on until you’ve died.
You're born with borrowed sentiments and dioxide.

So stay and continue to consume.
Believe until the elements are gone.
Sustain; all that matters then is volume.
Behave! We all deserve a gun, so
What’s it matter now? I’m going to Shattertown.

Your cover’s blown, the comfort zone’s for residents 
Who avoid arrest and pay the rest respects and rent.
Redundancies from infancy you can’t defend.
There’s nothing In your head that you can't understand.

In truth, it’s not altruism
When we retire from resistance
And let all those motherfuckers
Disappear into the distance.

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