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The votes are very close as of now, and I am confident that the people will vote me to be the sole proprietor of (dba: Since August of 2010 both my brother and I have run this site, and built it to the successful source for all things amazing that it is today. Although, I have shared a collective vision with him since then, I feel that Ian has lost sight of the freedom that this site was to give us. He has squashed so many amazing, and innovative ideas that legally now I cannot mention in this public forum.

When voted in, I will make changes not only to benefit the visitors that come here, but continue my vision of becoming the website I always dreamed it could be. I believe I can bring the necessary change to CXNX to make it the best it can possibly be. I will eliminate all the dead weight, and add more music, more cats, and maybe add some much needed comedy that this site has been lacking since Ian dug his claws into it.

Here are some things to consider when voting:

Ian in fact does not like cats. He has been  seen several times in the Chicago area protesting pro-cat rallies with dog propoganda.

Ian also took the side of the Bugs during the great inter species war. After the humans won, he was back on our side. How convenient!

Ian loves to eat baby pandas:

Ian not only has met Rip Talyor more than once, but he has attacked him once during a Red Carpet appearance for Jackass 3.

Ian not only loves Nickleback, and the dry heaves they call music, he was spotted with Chad the lead singer in a bar in Chicago.
So when voting this weekend make an educated choice. If you like a Nickleback loving, cat hating, celebrity punching, panda eating, megalomaniac then please vote for Ian. If you want to be entertained with fart jokes, and crude pictures then please vote for Paul. Voting ends Sunday!

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