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Ian Buttal

10:02:00 AMPaul

I'm fairly certain this video speaks for itself but in case this is your initial exposure, here's the backstory: We thought it would be a fun celebration of our little vanity website to promote a contest for whoever would become the 4000th visitor. A co-worker of Paul's reported early in the morning two weeks ago that he was the winner. Suspiciously enough, this guy I've never even met claims, after the fact, after the contest, that he had already ended and the mystery prize was revealed, that he was indeed the actual winner. He proceeded, in a previous and slanderous letter, to slander and prevy me and Paul. For some strange reason, Kafkaesque in nature no doubt, Paul immediately believed this guy's story and rebuked, refuted and rejoindered is co-worker which was embarrassing for CXNX and confusing for TBird. I will not let some noob come round and just upset everything. Below is my firmly stated stance. I hope I make myself clear.

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