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Ian Wins!

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So it's finally overwith and it's come to this.

After all their sneakery and rotten tricks, neither Paul nor Canaan were able to pull off a victory.  I can't quite tell you how this feels...  Wait a minute, I'm wordsmith Ian Clemente of, currently but keep tuned to see a name change soon enough!  It's best to move on and not wallow in the past.  Althugh neighter Paul nor Canaan have had the grace or courage to offer a concession call, I'll just go ahead and announce to all my supporters that as of today, March 27th at Midnight, I Ian Clemente (will)have retained creative control of the website formerly known as Construx Nunchux.  Prepare yourselves for the most innovative and artistic website you've encountered in the last five years.  I'm thinking of renaming it The Depository for Aestheticized Representations of Various Cranial Expositions.  What do you all think?  Maybe we'll have another vote.

All will be invited to the parade once the licensing is attained.  All, of course, barring those who did not vote for me.

The local indie kids cranked this out on some antique printing press about an hour ago at the Handlebar.

You know what to do...

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