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Matterdays-- Saving Japan

12:52:00 PMPaul

While I know I can speak for Paul in terms of a particular fondness for the various artistic and philosophical contributions of the past 200 years, and we genuinely believe it extends from genuine identification with "eastern" concepts instead of mere exoticism, I do want to take responsibility for the following content--

We at CXNX attempt to strictly avoid all bandwagoning and all preaching (or at least we say we do), but we wanted to extend very sincere encouragement and goodwill to our Japanese viewers.

For those interested in offering support or aid--

To Help Animals

And People

And Another for the Animals

While there have been a few highly publicized contentious remarks--most designed as a direct assault on the millions obliging with the passing empty sentiment--for me, watching a few Chicago businessmen gawk yesterday at footage on the 24 spinning newsreel in our workspace and discuss with adolescent glee on prior videos of the earthquake as if they were wicked awesome skate videos, a completely innocuous, passive reaction, is what really made me sharply understand that there's no sense of interconnectedness with not only our environment, but with each other.  Though I haven't searched for any environmentalist reactions, I'm sure there's the usual soapboxing about how this damage was precipitated by rampant pollution and tampering.  While I may agree with some of it, this is not the time.  One can only imagine what's said in private, but it's very disappointing to know that not only in this generation but in all previous ones that there's ever been little hope for true human empathy.

CXNX will match any charitable donations benefitting animals.  Please feel free to chime in.

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