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Over the past weeks and months, we've seen how much cats give to us in the way of affection and entertainment that even the supposedly most intimate human interaction can only claim to vaccuously imitate.  Today, we want to give something back.

While always an animal lover, I never realized growing up that there are people and programs actually designed to help and heal stray animals. We all know about shelters of different types, and we all know that animals are killed at an incredible rate every year.  Anyone like me just assumed it was a part of the process and there's very little to be done.

Even with the implementation of no-kill shelters, cats still have issues finding homes since the number of strays greatly exceeds the space provided.  So what's more ingenious than rounding them all up and ending their lives under the assumption that cats who don't live with humans could never be happy.

I've been fortunate enough to meet other cat lovers living in this city who years ago began practicing TNR, which is a wonderful way to actually help cats.  I know you don't sign on to CXNX Caturdays to hear anyone ramble, so I'll let the following video explain:

If you've actually stuck it out with us this long, then you're probably actually interested. There is so much to tell, but here are the essentials:

There are millions (I think an estimated 7 million) of stray cats in the US and about half that number is killed in the various shelters and pounds. Of course the numbers don't diminish because the cats not caught (some are never even seen by humans) reproduce to fill that gap. (A cat can have 3 litters a year, with 4 or more kittens in each litter.)
You'll see comments on these Youtube videos about predation (cats eating birds) and "irresponsible pet owners." I'm not saying these problems don't exist, but they aren't the sole concerns. Please investigate, please research and please discuss. I don't want to draw this post out too too long, so for now, here are the shorthand rebuttals:
I read one person who refuted the argument that predatory behavior in cats is unnatural, as if humans trained cats to eat birds. Cats eat what moves, because they're quicker, stronger and more observant than humans. More than anything, they eat rats and pigeons (both beautiful creatures in their own rights) and that's if they aren't responsibly maintained and fed.
People love to brag about how they keep their cats indoors. I agree. All 7 CXNX affiliated cats (profiles forthcoming) are indoor cats and in fact the only anxiety dreams I have are about mine falling out of windows. But just because some people don't use common sense is no reason to ignore the already existing problem and work to make cats miserable.
Humans are the original haters. There are all kinds of other justifications, but the real crux of the matter is that humans are just keepin the cats down. All philosophies and personal preferences aside, we really don't have a right to decide that someone should die just because we think they're dirty or the world's overcrowded.

I've done my best to encapsulate as well as illuminate. Unfortunately there are very few cities like Chicago (ask Tony Bennett), so I hope if you're a fan and in another city, you'll help with steps towards a local no-kill community (yay!). I know this is supposed to be a comical site and there should be links to puns on TNR, but as you can tell, it's something we strongly believe in. But, okay, okay, here's the Construx twist:

Our parents are dog breeders. When I was a preteen or a tween or a twit, I recall a discussion between my mother and a nonexistent opponent wherein she attacked the concept of shelters saying that they themselves are the reason that stray animals are initially abandoned. I didn't major in philosophy and I don't know the latin term for this logical fallacy, but it's completely backwards. They are still, as far as I know, pumping out dogs to satisfy some twisted vanity.

So, we, at, CXNX, ask that you love ALL animals and when looking for a lifetime companion, go to a shelter. Everyone else is just your friend because you have a car.  Thanks for tuning in!

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