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Ryans Top 10 Wrestling Moves

10:13:00 AMRyan Noble

This is a list of my top 10 favorite moves used in wrestling. I created this list based on moves that I most enjoyed during my many years as a wrestling geek. These moves are not the greatest moves of all time, just ones that stick out the most in my broken brain. Please comment with you favorite wrestling moves.

(Not all of these moves are shown by the creator of the move, but wrestlers I associate the move with. Also I believe all names used are the correct names. With all the leagues, sometimes the real names of moves can be mixed up)

10. C-4
The first time I saw this move I was blown away. A wrestler named Paul Burchell pulled it off. I was surprised when he pulled this move off. I remember seeing this guy come out with his pirate gimmick and thinking he was the biggest joke ever. And I was right, but at the end of the match when he dropped this gem I was blown away. This is one of those moves that requires as much work from the guy receiving the move as it does the wrestler performing the move. Do I think this is the most effective move? No.. But DAMN it looks cool!

9. Diamond Cutter/ RKO
Back when WCW was still around, I loved DDP's move the Diamond Cutter. However when Randy Orton started his variation of the move (the RKO) I really liked it. This move has been used by many wrestlers in many different promotions. Orton always managed to pull the move off out of nowhere no matter where he was in the ring. The video attached was when he pulled the move on Carlito at Unforgiven 2006 in Toronto. (Of course I was there)

8. Shooting Star Press
The Shooting Star Press, like many moves is a move that has been used by many wrestlers and has always impressed me. The move is so dangerous, and mostly for the guy preforming the move. The athleticism, accuracy and ability to not hurt yourself or opponent amazes me. The guy who pulled this move off that impressed me the most was Brock Lesnar. No man with his size and strength should be able to pull off a move usually used by light heavyweights.

7. The Lion Tamer/ Walls of Jericho

The Lion Tamer was my favorite move growing up. It is a variation of a Boston Crab. When I would watch Chris Jericho pull off this move I wondered how he didn't break guys necks. Though this move is still used by Jericho, for a long time now he has just done a normal Boston Crab. Which is a great move, but not as devastating as the Lion Tamer

6. The Figure Four Leg Lock
This list cannot exist without Ric Flairs Figure Four. Possibly the greatest submission move of all time (just not my favorite) I cant watch this move being preformed by any wrestler without thinking of Ric. WOOOOOOOOO!

5. The Tombstone
If you follow my posts, you will know Undertaker is my favorite wrestler of all time. When I was younger, the tombstone was a huge reason I thought he was the best. How does he not break everyone's when he does this move? Kane manages to somehow.... One of wrestling's greatest moves of all time. Also, in this video he really plants HBK.

4. The Enziguri
Apparently the internet doesn't agree. I could not find a clip of this move on its own so I had to find THE GREATEST MATCH EVER highlights to find the move. It can be found around the 1:05 mark. This isn't the most impressive move. You may even call it the most predictable move ever. I don't give a shit. When Owen hit a opponent with the Enziguri I always stood up and cheered. I remember when he would make the initial kick and his opponent would catch his foot I always cheered knowing that right foot was about to kick the guy in the face. Owen was and is the King!

3. The Razors Edge
Razor Ramon was the first guy I saw do this move. I have always loved this move. Another move that was pretty dangerous, especially when the guy preforming the move may or may not of been drunk. Say what you will, in his day Razor was one of the greatest in his time and the Razors Edge is one of my favorite moves of all time

2. The Sharpshooter
I wouldn't be Canadian if Bret Harts Sharpshooter wasn't on n this list. I still love seeing this move used. Any time I see someone preform this move I think of Bret Hart. Possibly one of the first moves I thought was "cool" when I was growing up. This move might be the best there is, the best there was and the best there ever will be. (Cheesy pop?)

1. The Canadian Destroyer
There is no more impressive move.. How doesn't everyone die when this move is done? I wont write anything more about this move. My Favorite move of all time...

There where many moves that could of been on this list, here are a few honorable mentions.

The Perfect Plex                                                                  

Elbow Drop

The D.D.T

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