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10:00:00 AMRyan Noble

So of all the different bands I have played with, this was by far the funnest. We were named Random Ripples.

When music couldn't get any more repetitive, boring and stupid a couple of buddies and myself said "Yes we can". We decided we would write the most ridiculous songs we could. And we did! We recorded many songs, but the tip of the iceberg was a track called "Smiling Zed and the Baconettes: Bacon". A song that's title is almost as long as the songs duration.

Influenced by bands from like Primus we recorded 3 songs. This is the only one I still have a copy of. Rarely do I share this song with anyone but I feel if I am going to do it anywhere, it would be here. If I come across the other songs I will share them. Until then, I present "Bacon".

And as one of the "artists" I would love for you to download it. I will not sue you. The song may be good to have when you discuss the worst songs ever recorded with your friends.

Random Ripples - Bacon

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