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My life with the cat circus... if you call That living (#9)

10:08:00 PMPaul

This week our loyal travelin host lands in Colorado Springs, CO--

 He encounters some local flavors

 ...a taste of home:

He stays at the Timber Lodge, very lovely place...

And opens the books on a startling mystery plaguing the small town:!

I don't have a bunch to offer from Colorado Springs in the way of my own photos and videos, but plenty from others.

We were on two different news programs:
Here is info leading to FOX 21 Local News--

ANd here's a little background footage:

Haha, yeah the meals Are pretty big!!

We were at KKTV (Co Springs CBS affiliate) for 3 minutes under the unsteady hand of Stacia "Shiny Phone and Big Wedding Ring" Johnson.  Can't find a link to that.

Finally, here's a link to a professional photographer's take on what was impressive:

Please remember to submit your questions about life on the road with the cat circus to

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