Lobster Lobotomy: Ryans favorite Lobster Lobby

9:20:00 PMRyan Noble

I am proud to say that I have watched every episode of the first season several times. I have recently watched them since being a contributor for this fantastic web site. But, before that I watched them as a fan. And don't get me wrong, I love the show more since getting the chance to work with these damaged minds. On this journey from fan to internet super star one thing has not changed... (I have a feeling Ian and Paul are gonna cringe soon)

... My favorite episode from the first season of Lobster Lobby is the 53rd episode. (Often mistaken for the 1st episode). Everything about it makes me laugh. Ian's jokes in it were fantastic in the same way The Cryptkeepers jokes were fantastic at the beginning and ending of Tales From the Crypt (Any TFTC comparison from this guy is gold). It was the little things that made this episode work so well.

I also loved the pictures, the lobster with the mustache might be the greatest picture in the history of the internet, and who can forget the the lobster in the beautiful coat?

I am a fan of the entire first season, but these are the some of the reasons the first episode is my favorite.

Not only did I laugh at this episode but I learned a lot from it as well. Not only did I learn how to smoke a pipe (was that right?) but I learned how fantastic the Lobster is. So for that, I thank you Lobster Lobby!

Enjoy. Lobster Lobby S01E01

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