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The Cat War - Picture Update

9:39:00 AMRyan Noble

It seems things are just beginning between Cats and Kittens in lower Saskatchewan. The cat war could be more then just some silly idea in a cat interview. Though at this point Construx Nunchux has little detail on why this war is happening, now pictures are beginning to circulate and we have the most recent images. As soon as more information on the war is made clear, we assure the Construx Nunchux fans that you will be the first to know!

Warning. Some of these pictures may be graphic. Adult supervision is suggested if you are under 16.

Marching Cats. Clearly only the most intelligent cats are selected for this war. This might lead one to believe there is some sort of draft in place.

The 4th of July. War hasn't stopped the American cats from celebration. This little guy came flying down from the sky, throwing cat nip to all the kittens who enjoyed the show from the ground.

We cant confirm anything, but it seems from this picture cats are being mutated for this war. My sources say ooze is being used but nothing can be confirmed.

Cats, Kittens and Tanks? Clearly cats have no fear even when matched up against the mightiest of machines. This cat appears to be attacking a tank.

No word on what side this cat is on, however this leads us to believe this kitten may be in charge of one of the sides.

As we mentioned, as soon as more news, pictures and details come out you will know right away. All we can confirm is these cats are pissed. I suggest giving your cats extra hugs because you never know where they might release their anger.

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