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Its obvious to me that Ong Bak director, Panna Rittikrai does not value the lives, or safety of his stunt crew. His latest installment of Thai suicidal action in BKO: Bangkok Knockout, does not hold back at all with over the top action, and pants pooping stunt work.

The actual plot of the movie is a little convoluted since there was no sub titles to the copy I had, so I had to combine my previous knowledge of all martial arts movies, with my imagination to figure out this summary.

Everyone cops my style
cop my style ... i don't care

I think its about a group of students/stunt team/martial arts students who get picked for a "special project" from a wealthy American. What ever it was its a big deal to the school/gym to get this exclusive offer. They throw a party to celebrate in which they get hammered and secretly drugged and thrown into a warehouse. Not knowing what happened previously, they quickly find out that they are trapped in there and forced to fight random MF Doom looking guys while the rich American places bets on fights amongst 4 other stereotypical characters . They place bets on the forced fights, and angrily smoke as the action is played on huge fake Tv's.

Then shit goes nuts for about an hour straight. I love the action in these movies, and as you can see from this "blooper" reel that people get knocked the fuck out, and busted up constantly. Panna loves his action to be as authentic as possible, although he used to film completely raw (without wires like Ong Bak) he uses them sparingly to make something awesome that much more awesome.

What really sets this apart from other movies, is the creativity of the stunts to where two motorcycles collide in mid air, a guy is lit on fire then runs through a wall, or they stage a fight underneath a moving truck (yeah for reals). The choreography is so impeccably timed to where if you are off your game serious injury is a reality. The ideas behind the action in this movie (and all of Rittkrai's movies) are innovative and make you hit rewind over, and over again.

someone in this picture loses, and its not the dude on the left

I have no idea when this is going to hit the US, but if you see this hanging around its worth your attention. Action movies are lame, or bogged down with computer magic, if you want as real as it comes martial arts action, and people doing shit that is down right ridiculously suicidal this movie is definitely for you.

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