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Distraxionz- (the) Anatomy of Invisible Insects - Side (Pt.) 1

11:16:00 AMPaul

Recorded alone, for lack of any available participants, between Spring of 2008 and Late Summer of  2010 in transit(ion) between Chicago and Pittsburgh as an outlet for and reaction to uncontrollable frustration, with creative input from Jon-Michael Kerestes, Mark Korosi and Matt KorosiAll downloads are free of charge and virus. Click the play button under each title to play immediately.

Don't talk about me I can't stand it!

"It's nothing bad, so don't be paranoid."
"No I'm not mad, I'm embarrassed and annoyed."
"But I'm only bragging (fawning) and adoring."
"It's not 'cause you're bored, but it's because you're boring, so

Don't talk about me, I can't stand it!"

"Your insightful gossip gospel amuses me
When my own body's process(es) still confusin me

Everyone has a birthday, everyone did something last night
Everyone staggers and slurs and has the occasional fight
Everyone needs a life that's more than vicarious
Everyone is good in bed, Everyone's hilarious, but

Don't talk about me, I can't stand it!!"

Nobody cares about you

Not the cross man who's crouching collecting at the cold ticket booth
Or the kid blindly lurching behind the register
Not all the girls who built your genuine furniture
Or the lark who killed all your relatives years ago

Nobody cares about you

Not the old racist facist financial analysts
From the circles in sockets down to the lining in their pockets
Not monsters spiders or snakes or aliens in rockets
And Rosa at the City Hall don't care about you at all

Nobody cares about you

No one has time for your emotions
No one has time to hurt your feelings
No one has time for plots against you
Don't be offended or get defensive

Nobody cares about you

Nobody pays attention to see if you're in crosswalks
No one counts it when someone disobeys common law
Nobody's listening to you or what you say you saw
Not your mother or your sister-in-law, no one cares about you

Nobody cares about you

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Never Young

Nobody here asked you to stay
What do you expect me to say?
I'm old enough for experiments
But why repeat experience

I was born beyond bored with an image
Without compulsion to act savage
To later rummage through the squalor
To salvage some valid value

You prefer to stay as green as rose stems
While pondering protective divinity
My mask and cloak of grey, I won't impose them
I'll hide and watch you squander your dignity
I hope you're never young

It's like I told the babysitter
"I'm not bitter, but I'm no bullshitter."
Diversion's outweighed by the distress to
Pursue suitors or a mistress.

I look at liberated neighbors
Who put their pleasure before labors
Laughing, brandishing lavish lives
Unfazed they'll vanish, or naive

By avoiding elusive elation
I've never had to suffer devastation
I've never known a life other than vertical
I don't care what the certificates assert
I was never young, never once

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Zoology of Romance

Masculinity's a masochistic mask
A sick affinity for false flattery
So don't ever ask or be faced with battery
About exchanged rewards amongst all the cowards
The quid proclivity for familiarity
And inactivity to prevent altering
Echoes hilarity, falls into faltering
A fully dressed rehearsal for a real role reversal

It isn't romance!  Is it zoology?

Endless indices of new indecencies
Indulgent industries compiled in the streets
With too much frequency to be deemed indiscreet
Collected as fantasies and declared delicacies
In a sense incensed at default obedience
Described as innocence, hides true profanity
Swapped ingredients, daily mundanity
Aberrations nixed, the formula is fixed

We're all exceptions to each others' rules
There's no perception, it's chemicals in holes
It isn't romance!  Is it zoology?
Smiling moronically every time we pass
Playing platonically so neither one can guess
It isn't romance!  Is it zoology?

We never knew that fidelity's a plague
And when it blew up, we tilted back the dregs
And he drew up with intentions none too vague
And he threw up his milky milky leg

If I made a mistake, it wouldn't be with you
It wouldn't be the first and it would not be true
It isn't motivation, it isn't mystery
It isn't sacrifice and it don't mean shit to me

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The Malcontent

"I'm feelin greedy today.
I'm gonna take ev'ry human form.
I’ll take astronomical and nominal relations.
I’ll take natural phenomena for rations.

I’ll perform ev’ry part in the play:
The drunk, the junkie, the missing wheel.
Wanton and wobblin and wantin for nothin,
Straight and strangely sweet I can make this change.
Take this little cliché and make it literal.
I'll take the rivers for collateral.

I'm takin every street in this town an I'll turn em into shortcuts.
An I’m takin the seconds and turnin em inside out,
Takin up, takin back, takin everyone's turn.

A harmless man overheard me and held out a cup to me and offered help.
I was too tight to be polite, cause it’s a heavy rain an I’m feelin greedy today.

I’ll take anything left unfinished.
I’ll take a bite an I’ll get a jawfull.
I’ll take this whetted wedded woman into my own hands, tender and legal
And I’ll take a photograph.

I'm gonna take advantage of what I take for granted.
I'm gonna take the whole day, whole day.

The day took off, like a private jet
Once I said it and settled up with myself.
I can make this change, you can bet.
Why feel remorse if there’s no recourse?
An a greasy palm agrees.”

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Loosen My Mind

(A little virtue won’t hurt you.)
We’re exhausting ourselves for some exaltation
Debilitated during deliberation
Delivered free through violation
We’re volunteers, it’s no vocation

Just an invocation of presentiments and presentation
We’ve got plans as big as a plantation (wait a second, let me)

Loosen my mind.

Exerting our nerves in hot exhortation
Resorting to risk for our restoration
Salivating for some salvation
When it’s all soluble by salutation

Hey, do you dare me to do a dance into damnation?

It’s all a loose association, arbitrary liaisons
In appellations and alliteration
Avoiding all alteration in our articulation
Alienation over an altercation

Loosen my mind

(Synapses intertwined
Impulses underlined
And meditation maligned
It’s no accident, let’s make our exit.)

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Blame The Doctor

Blame the doctor!

He was walking ‘round while whistling the tune
Of all the troubles in his head baptized in advertisements
From the first time that I saw him live at least (and) from the way he sounded
It’s not what I hoped and not what I expected

Blame the doctor!
Blame the

Letters to each other written on the sides of envelopes
Lips like a wax seal, sex like a statue in the park
Cheeks as warm and as soft as a shot of rye
As dark as the sun in a dead deer’s eye

Blame the doctor

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