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Construxnunchux: Free Music Friday Fo Yo Face 5/6/11

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We want to share our favorite musics with you, for free.  No catches.  No one's sellin anything and the download links don't lead to any spam, just jams.  We do want to suggest that you take the dollar you'd normally spend on an mp3 and donate to a charity. 


This is from a London based brother team Josh & Tony friend who only started Modestep last year (2010) They released Feel Good in the beginning of 2011, and instantly began to melt faces, hitting the top of UK charts all over. This is one of the dub-step songs that is easily going to cross the line from underground gem to cross-over sensation. Modestep will be one of the bands blamed for "selling out" from true-to-form hipsters for bringing the dub-step genre into the mainstream.

The video is bad ass, simple as that. I love this song for the sing-a-long factor, and the drop is sick as hell. There is so much going for this song, I'd love to share it with you:

Click to download:
Modestep - Feel Good

The second song is from Danger Mouse, and some other artists. He has been composing a spaghetti western album with composer Daniele Luppi, Jack White, and Norah Jones do the main vocals on the album. The album is going to be called "The Rome" and so far it sounds incredible.

I love the feel of this song, so nightclub lounge with smoke laced piano music, with an elegant backing vocal group. I have a feeling that this is the type of shit Jack White wants to do after White Stripes broke up, his unmistakable voice is perfect for this song, very ghoulish but not weak. Danger Mouse for me has been very hot and cold for me as I loved the Grey Album, Gnarls Barkley, and his work with Beck, but hated the self indulgent crap with Broken Bells, and Sparklehorse. Mathematically it makes sense for him and his friends to put out this incredible song. Check it Out!

Click to download:
Danger Mouse - Two Against One (feat Jack White)

This is a band I know very little about, there is a producer who worked with Jay-Z, Kylie Minoge and, Kanye and some jabroni who opened for Alicia Keys once got together and started to produce music together. What they got is a retro jam if you crossed Gnarls Barkley, and Maroon 5 together. I like retro style, but polished and delivered with a nice catchy lyrics, and a feel good backdrop. Music can easily inspire mindless pessimism, and lyrically devoid beat heavy garbage, but Graffiti 6 does it right. Its refreshing to have a song that can make you dance, and get you ready for the warm weather ahead.

Download it here: Graffiti 6 - Stare Into The Sun


Music's meant to make you move.  If it makes you think, that's purely a happy accident.  No one's sayin there's any particular way to move, or whether it's the insides or the butt...  So we'll start simple.  Days of payin dues are over.  If you don't already know this track by heart, or know this track at all, that's ok--cXnX is here to educate.  Yes the video's corny, but I think you can tell they know and are sorta goofin on the whole idea: 

Okay.  Everyone knows Tribe and Leaders of the New and all of that.  I'm not here to start a revolution (today), but really, this track is over 20 years old.  And (as you can predict I would say and as you will agree) it still sounds fresh today; in fact fresher because of the current musical climate and all the artificial conceits, lyrically and sonically, that I don't even need to laundry list cause I know you know it well.  So if this isn't in your headphones as you stroll the alleyways looking for a fight or in the hi-fi comfort of your domicile, then allow us to rectify that, because Vocabulary very very necessary and that's where I'm comin from.

Download an MP3: Tribe Called Quest: Scenario

Nobody says there's a particular musical quality that makes us move, so I will never understand the last 8 years or so of disco-revival-sucker-rock.  To me, it comes off as perversely ironic exoticism mixed with that usual suburban malaise and frustration of having been left out of the genuine article.  A drum machine doesn't automatically give a song movement and its absence doesn't rob the song of funk.  Is this the hater in me coming out already?  I won't preach, because we're all set in our minds, but I'll state a firm belief.  Truly good songs maintains the moving mood when stripped bare of all production and context.

This is the one truly great band I've encountered that is certainly Indie, but can still grove, and does so with the barest of elements.  Cavedweller is this Dirk Michener who includes a PO box on in his liner notes.  And a phone number...  Very mysterious.  Anyway, the above video is one of very few available, so it's not the acoustic midnight rambler I'm championing.  Two free mp3s correct this.  The first is in fact an example of the fewest of instruments expressing the firmest of intentions nd below that is a studio rendition of the above performance.  Hootin' Annie.

Download an mp3: Sleep in a Ditch

Download mp3's: This Time Will Be the Last Time

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