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Lobster Lobby Season 1 Episode 19 (2012)

11:30:00 AMPaul

Ian: Paul and I had a discussion about cold openings (not just the kind necrophiliacs go for) for this episode. I don't think I ever did provide an actual explanation, so we sorta missed the mark on that but it's a cute opening. So excited in this episode. Paul so defiantly insists on adding the Tiny Tim dub, it cracks me up. The phone call with Paul really puts me in mind f the old WPIX days and the talent/director/producer dynamic. I'm confident Paul will expound on the long and complicated history Your Host has with Kid Rock. & y'all know what, y'know what, I am a fucking funny fucking performer. This one ends on a CLIFFHANGER! DO we EVER get Kid Rock???

Paul: Ian is right, I had no idea what a cold opening was. I do have a fondness for this episode - like most of them - with the drinking to music, our strange inclusion of Kid Rock, and Tiny Tim. To this date, I have not received a copyright strike for using the Tiny Tim line like I have in previous episodes. Sadly it took until season 2 to obtain Kid Rock. Very underrated part of this episode is when Ian ignites the set on fire (again). The beer gag is very vaudvillian but brilliant. 

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